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My ShenZhen Style


My shenzhen style" brand has 8 years experience for expat finding apartment in shenzhen ,we provide one stop "nanny kind " house hunting service, mostly we only take 1-3 days to finish the the whole process ,let me introduce our service first:


1、we provide VIP personal home hunting  business ,we would learn all your requitments first ,to see if we can take the order or not,because we only make 20 deal each month the most .


If we would take your order ,we will use  our apartnents data base all around shenzhen with each district to match your requitments , then let you decide your favorite district and the area narrow the range down.


2、Second part is apartment showing and finding your favourite ,negotiated the necessary things with the landlord,sign contract etc,and this part charges half of the month rent as agent fee,it effective for the rest year in case non negotiable things happened between you and the landlord,we will help or give our professional and legal advice .


(General house setting , tanant needs to pay:
One time : agent fee
Per month : rent 、management fee 、electricity fee 、water fee 、gas fee 、fapiao tax if the tanant needs it < almost all the house tanant needs to pay fapiao tax by himself >、the maintenance cost of unnatural damage or unnatural ageing for furniture electrical appliances since the tanant moved in
Per month or year: Internet fee, TV cable fee
<if the tanant needs it >

General house contact sign tanant's first payment:
Deposits:2months rent
Agent fee:half of the month rent
Some house needs to pay water, electrical or other deposits
In total:3.5 times the rent + other deposits


3、Police station registering is not included in our service,but we can go through the whole process with you for free as a welcoming gift.
    We provide fapiao if your company need.
    Home moving, internet install,cleaning,bank account opening ,is also not included in our service,but we could give you the best consultanting.
    And we also can suggest the best local places for your life style.


Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
深圳市晓我管理咨询有限公司shenzhen shi xiao wo guan li zi xun you xian gong si
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
B512 5th floor,dahaoshizheng,no.12 zhuzilin 5th road,zhulin Community,xiangmihu street,futian district,shenzhen city shenzhen shi futain qu xiangmihu jie dao zhu lin she qu zhuzilin wu lu 12 hao da hao shi zheng 5 ceng B512
Place Phone: 
+86 13828841315

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