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AKJ Stomatological Hospital - Good Dental care

Part 1  Introduction

Founded in 1995, AKJ Stomatological Hospital is the first large-scale chain stomatological hospital in Shenzhen with an area of over 30000 square kilometers. We has 13 clinics, located in Nanshan, Luohu, Futian, Baoan district in Shenzhen and Tianhe district in Guangzhou. We establishes an elite team with more than 200 professional doctors who all graduated from well-known medical universities, such as Peking University, Hong Kong University and Sun Yat-sen University, etc. We not only initially introduces internationally-advanced technology for diagnosis and treatment, but also introduces hundreds of advanced equipments, becoming the first collaborative center in oral implantology of China, America and South Korea. By far, we have served hundreds of thousands individuals, including Shenzhen citizens, Hong Kong citizens and foreigners.

AKJ Stomatological Hospital take pride in our famous dental trademark of Guangdong province and being a time-honored credible institution with over 22 years experience in Shenzhen. For all the time, we adhere to our service philosophy, that is to provide patients with professionals and high-quality services. With a purpose to offer both personalized and all-dimensional services about oral heath, we have set up an array of dental projects, including Paediatric Dentistry, Implant Teeth, Porcelain Teeth, Teeth Whitening, Periodontal Treatment, Tooth Decay, and Dental filling, etc.


Part 2  Features

  1. Professional one-to-one service, to guarantee the final result
  2. Considerate guiding service, to ease minds as well as save time
  3. Appointed hospital of medical insurance in Shenzhen, to reimburse according to medical insurance system strictly
  4. 13 clinics in both Shenzhen and Guangzhou, to offer the most convenient choice to patients
  5. Comprehensive living distributions, free wifi, free hot water included


Part 3  Recommended Doctors

Orthodontics – Ping Xin

As the director of Orthodontics Department of AKJ Stomatological Hospital, Dr. Xin has been working as a clinical orthodontist for nearly 20 years, dealing with more thousands of clinical cases. She is a doctor officially certificated by both e.Brace and Invisalign.

Implant – Yonghui Lu

As the director of Implant Department of AKJ Stomatological Hopital, Dr. Lu has been working as a clinical specialist in tooth implant. He has pursued a further study in IZI Tooth Implant Training Center and Frankfurt University in German. Mastering several advanced tooth implant system, like ANKYLOS in German and NobelGuide in Sweden, he specializes in minimally invasive dental implantation, immediate implantation and cosmetic tooth repair implantation.

Dental Restoration – Ge Lee

As the head of Hengmei clinic of AKJ Stomatological Hospital, Dr. Lee is a experienced doctor in minimally invasive aesthetic restoration, serving as a executive member of CAED as well. He had further studied microscopic root canal therapy and aesthetic restoration in Hong Kong University, Peking University and The Lund Dental Practice in England. He had won the first prize of root canal technology competition held by DENSPLY for several times. The training curriculum he established has attract more ten thousand students.


Part 4  Glories

In 2015, awarded Guangdong Famous Trademark Certificate

In 2014, become the first medical institution in China to earn a reward as Designated Unit in Dental Nurse Clinical Practice

In May, 2008, become the nationally-first China-US-South Korea Implant Dentistry Cooperation Centre

Place Description (Chinese/中文): 
part1 医院介绍: 爱康健齿科是1995年成立的深圳首家大规模连锁齿科,总营业面积达30000多平方米,旗下13大连锁分支机构遍布深圳南山、罗湖、福田、宝安、广州天河等地,拥有一支毕业于北京大学、香港大学、华西及中山大学等著名口腔院校的精锐专业医生团队200余名,率先引进前沿国际诊疗技术和设备数百台,成立国内首个“中、美、韩口腔种植技术合作中心”,目前已服务超过数十万深港市民及国际友人。 作为广东省牙科著名商标和22年“深圳老字号”的口碑企业,爱康健齿科始终坚持“专家、专业、品质保证”的服务理念,设立儿童齿科、种植牙、烤瓷牙、牙齿美白、牙周治疗,蛀牙补牙等基础牙科项目,为客户提供个性化和全方位口腔健康管理服务。   part2 医院特色: ①权威医生一对一诊疗,保障最终诊疗效果 ②全程一站式导诊服务,就诊省时更省心 ③深圳市医保定点医院,严格医保制度报销 ④深广两城13大分支机构,就近就诊更方便 ⑤免费WiFi,免费热水,生活配置一应俱全   part3 医生推荐: ① 牙齿正畸——辛萍,爱康健齿科正畸中心主任,从事口腔正畸临床工作近20年,e.Brace舌侧官方认证医生、invisalign隐适美官方认证医生,临床正畸案例多达数千余例。 ②牙齿种植——卢勇辉,爱康健种植中心主任,从事临床种植牙工作20余年,曾于德国IZI种植牙培训中心、德国法兰克福大学学习,掌握德国ANKYLOS、瑞典NobelGuide等多种前沿种植牙系统,擅长微创植牙、即刻种植和种植美容修复。 ③牙齿修复——李格,爱康健南山区恒美门诊部主任,资深微创美学修复医生,全球华人美学牙科协会(CAED)常务理事,曾赴香港大学牙科学院、北京大学口腔医学院、英国The Lund Dental Practice进修显微根管治疗及美学修复,多次获得DENTSPLY根管治疗技术竞赛一等奖,巡回培训教学,课程突破万余人。   Part4爱康健荣誉: 2015年,荣获“广东省牙科著名商标”; 2014年,全国首家获得“口腔专业护士临床实践示范单位”的医疗机构; 2008年5月,成立国内首个“中、美、韩口腔种植技术合作中心”;

Address & Contact

Address and contact information:
Chinese and Pinyin Name: 
深圳爱康健口腔医院(Shenzhen Aikangjian Kouqiang Yiyuan)
Place Address (English/Pinyin): 
1/F-8/F, Railway Station Building C, Luohu District, Shenzhen (Exit C of Metro Station Luohu, walk forward about 100 meters)
Place Phone: 

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