Local musicians often gather at these live music Jazz bars in Shenzhen. Here we offer a list of the best Jazz bars around the city of Shenzhen. Many of the Jazz bars have congregated themselves in Nanshan Overseas Chinese Town. This is close to the OCT-Loft art district. Jazz musicians like to hangout with other artists. These bars feature Jazz musicians locally from Shenzhen and a lot of times will get very skilled guest musicians from Hong Kong as well. Often they organize special Jazz events and festivals where they bring Jazz bands from other parts of China and even from abroad. The two Jazz bars in the OCT area have outdoor seating so they are very comfortable on the cool fall or spring nights though fans and heaters are available for those summer and winter months. Hotels in Shenzhen also offer live music usually Jazz such as at Duke's in The Langham Hotel Shenzhen. If you are looking for a Jazz night out Shenzhen is maturing into a place where you can find your type of Jazz entertainment. We are happy to see the Jazz community is thriving and feeding off Hong Kong and other parts of China. Once a year the live music venue B10 also organizes a almost month long Jazz festival brining in jazz artists from all over the world. Browse below for our Jazz club nightlife directory:

Penny Black Jazz Bar

Phone: +86 (755) 86098585

Rucker Bar

Rucker Bar - Western Restaurant and Saloon
Phone: 18589096945

call us: +86-755-3396-6071