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Live Poultry Markets Shut for Sterilization

Live Poultry Markets Shut for Sterilization

After confirmation of the first H7N9 human case in Shenzhen on December 19th, Guangdong Industry and Commerce Administration has issued an order to disinfect all live poultry markets regularly. 

The poultry sellers are required to clean their stands every day, an overall cleaning every week and at least one closedown sterilization per month. Three provincial sterilizations for the markets also need to be performed. The first one was done days ago and the upcoming two will be on new year’s eve and on Chinese new year’s eve.

The first H7N9 human case is a 38-year-old man surnamed Ou. Ou lives at Nanling village in Longgang District, not far from the two wet markets where H7N9 bird flu virus was found on December 11th. He had a fever on December 9th and was confirmed to be affected by the virus on December 19th. All 135 people who have close contact with the victim are under medical observation and no symptoms have appeared. Now Ou’s situation is getting better but is still on the danger list. 

Zhong Nanshan, the respiratory disease expert, said Zhengjiang University and the University of Hong Kong are trying to develop a vaccine for H7N9, but so far mass production of a vaccine is not necessary due to the current trend of sporadic infections.  


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