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Shenzhen A - Z, from Shenzhen: The Book

Shenzhen A to Z

SHENZHEN: THE BOOK will take you beyond the alphabet and help you discover some of the supercalafragalistic corners of the city.

With that said, we've all got to begin our adventures from somehwere; without getting grammatical, lets pretend we're back in preschool and go on an A to Z journey of random samplings pulled from Shenzhen: The Book

A visit to Shenzhen gives you a chance to witness China’s amazing transformation.

ao’an extends from the Nantou SEZ checkpoint in the east to the Pearl River in the west and the border with neighbouring Dongguan City in the north.

hinese visit it by the millions each year.
Discover Shenzhen before everyone else does.

verybody goes “home” to somewhere else for Chinese New Year.

amily theme parks and miles of ‘eat streets’ with cuisine from all over China.

ood way to get oriented is to take Route 1 sightseeing bus (Guan Guang Che (观光车). 

istorical sites, beautiful city gardens, scenic places for hiking and eco-tours and cultural attractions all provide opportunities for a unique travel experience.

nternational Garden City.

ust before the top of Lianhua Mountain, on the left as you walk up the slope, you’ll see a squat concrete building which is the Shenzhen City Planning Exhibition.

ublah Khan’s Mongol Yuan Empire in the north and the Chinese Southern Song Empire (Marco Polo called it Manzi) south of the Yangtze River.

oves books.

anufacturing is rapidly being replaced by services.

ine-holes to give a 27-hole 108 par course.

n January 19, 1992, Deng Xiaoping’s train arrived at Shenzhen station.

reviously closed border areas.

ueen of the Shenzhen Riviera, great sweeping lines, giant plate glass windows giving out onto expansive views of sea and mountains, the Sheraton Dameisha has it all.

ulers of new dynasties should bury the last Emperor of the old among his ancestors with full honors.

kyscrapers dominate the cityscape with futuristic buildings and some stunning architecture.

reatment takes place in the upper reaches of the river which runs through the park.

nder the tree sits the Song Dynasty Emperor Hui Zong is sitting in imperial yellow robes playing the zither while Mao Zedong sits watching in a characteristic pose.

ictory in 1949.

ell educated, some say the best educated city in China.

iasha was handed over to the British as part of the 1898 New Territories settlement.

antian meaning “salt fields”.

hang clan of Shenzhen village.

Even pulled out of context, the alphabetical breakdown reveals a sense of what you can expect to encounter when you start referencing Shenzhen: The Book as your go-to resource for discovering and rediscovering the transforming landscape of this ever changing city.


The authors, Karen and Ted Rule, are true authorities on Shenzhen—they've known Shenzhen since before it was a city.

Ted and Karen first laid eyes on Shenzhen in 1971 when they took a taxi to the Lok Ma Chau police station in Hong Kong’s New Territories. Not much was here.

Karen was originally a historian by training and she immersed herself in the fascinating but little known history of the area. Ted expanded his already considerable waistline by sampling the culinary delights and sneakily recording them. And thus this book was born.

expat life in shenzhen

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