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Want To Step Up Your Shenzhen? You Need To Read 'Shenzhen: The Book'

Ultimate Guide to Shenzhen

I was already in Shenzhen when I heard about The Book.

I’d actually been in town for nearly a year.

I thought I knew it all--how to locate the best tailors for custom made clothes, what to do when out to eat, Shenzhen's absence of history and other naïve illusions.

How was I to know?

The truth is, The Book revealed my illusion of understanding and brought clarity to to what I didn’t know.

Did this book level me up?


There are better ways to deal with your custom clothes-maker, or tailor...

  • Revealed in the book. 

There are some things I thought I knew about dining at local restaurants that weren't so...

  • Suggested dining etiquette, revealed in the book.

One thing I should have known intuitively but didn't really get until reading about how to use the public transport:

To get on a bus, just push your way amongst the masses and board the busApparently such body-on-body behavior with complete strangers on the move is 100% acceptable.

All this time...

I could have left my baseball bat in the apartment.

How else was I to defend my personal space?

Don't defend it, just flow pressed in with the people.

Without giving too much away, that last tip, flow pressed in with the people, was revealed in the book.

If there was a pill for alleviating foul behavior patterns, better known as culture shock, Shenzhen: The Book would be it's name.

You don't even need a prescription to buy this book. You download it straight off the internet. So easy.

I'm actually relieved the book isn't available in hardcover... yet.

The mindshift I experienced after only one cursory read-through of the digital version of Shenzhen: The Book was nothing short of transformational.

If The Book was in hardcopy I'd shred it in a mixer with a few vegetables because I'm certain a super thorough ingestion of a Shenzhen: The Book spiked smoothie would be a potent elixer for us all.


A wise potion propelling you beyond all imagination,

your soul becoming one with the land of Shenzhen,

expanding throughout the matrix of subway and skyscraper,

brushing against the tombs of the ancients

as it accelerates beyond the edge of known futures,

beyond the altitudes of DJI's most advanced robotic drones,

greeting the Shanzhai of huaqiangbei,

spying into the dormitories of migrant workers,

creeping amongst the industrial corridors of Foxconn

hoping to glimpse the next generation of rumoured Apple devices,

feeling the enthusiasm of HAXLR8R selectees

as their Kickstarter campaigns surpass their goals


the future shifts just a little more as you sense

the wonder children around the world


as they begin tinkering with robotic toys


in an unmarked building at Boa'an's Makeblock.


the soul continues it's journey,

qi elevating further within the nature drenched acloves

hidden amongst the numerous parks that freckle the city's skin. 

Oh, the transcendence that would be experienced with a Shenzhen: The Book spiked smoothie.

For the Love of Shenzhen

It's clear the authors, Ted and Karen Rule, have a passion for this city. Seems I've caught it too. You can catch it. When you hang out in the right places, it's epidemic.

What, you don't know the right places?

Don't fret, get yourself a copy of Shenzhen: The Book.

When you download this bible to Shenzhen, you’ll be out exploring unknown parts of the Shenzhen area before your eyes have left the page.

You can get a sample chapter at or just go straight to Amazon and download the whole thing….


The authors, Karen and Ted Rule, are true authorities on Shenzhen—they've known Shenzhen since before it was a city.

Ted and Karen first laid eyes on Shenzhen in 1971 when they took a taxi to the Lok Ma Chau police station in Hong Kong’s New Territories. Not much was here.

Karen was originally a historian by training and she immersed herself in the fascinating but little known history of the area. Ted expanded his already considerable waistline by sampling the culinary delights and sneakily recording them. And thus this book was born.

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