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Shenzhen: The Book Now Available on

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SHENZHEN RESIDENTS, Business travelers, expats, adventurers, backpackers, Hong Kong day-trippers, and any other Shenzhen visitor seeking quality English information about Shenzhen can now breathe a sigh of relief.

Shenzhen: The Book, a comprehensive and constantly updated guidebook to the city is now available. The Guide provides everything you’d want to know to master the best of Shenzhen’s cultural, historical, and food offerings. This guidebook is packed with tips, up-to-date listings, cultural and historical facts, transportation options, fun anecdotal stories and everything else you could want to be able to access Shenzhen like a long-time resident.

The book represents,'s first foray publishing on a platform outside of this website.

When you use Shenzhen: The Book--visit the sites, follow the tips, and try the recommended cuisine--you’ll pick-up knowledge about China’s 5th largest city that surpasses the most astute local taxi drivers.

The authors, Karen and Ted Rule, are true authorities on Shenzhen—they've known Shenzhen since before it was a city.

Ted and Karen first laid eyes on Shenzhen in 1971 when they took a taxi to the Lok Ma Chau police station in Hong Kong’s New Territories. Not much was here.

Karen was originally a historian by training and she immersed herself in the fascinating but little known history of the area. Ted expanded his already considerable waistline by sampling the culinary delights and sneakily recording them. And thus this book was born.

The partnership between the authors and brings an element of interactivity to the guide: throughout the book, links are provided to the freshest up-to-the-minute events in Shenzhen.

With pinyin and Chinese characters side-by-side with their English translations, Shenzhen: The Book helps readers feel comfortable getting around the city and makes it easy to access places even if you can’t read Mandarin.

Coming in at over 360-pages, The Book will serve as a comprehensive resource for years to come.

Here are some of its highlights:

  • Top City Views
  • Mountain Hikes
  • Scenic Places
  • How to Order Food
  • Historic Sites
  • Arts & Culture
  • Survive the Luohu Shopping Game
  • Get Away From it All
  • Navigating Public Transport
  • Gardens & Parks to Picnic, Play or Relax

Now until the beginning of February, readers can get the book for 50% off its cover price.

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