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Shenzhen Bucket List: 10 Things to Do Before Leaving the City

##Shenzhen's development is as rapid as the incoming and outgoing of its people traffic. If you find yourself packing your bags in "Shenzhen speed" whilst contemplating how the good times here have just flown by, we've made a list of 10 things to do Before Leaving the City to ease your sails smoothly out from this little harbour you once called home; a proper salute. 



###1. Say Goodbye to the the Founding Father of This Modern City



###2. Immerse yourself in the Guilin Mifen Scent While Shopping for rip-off Goods in Dongmen 

Now there's a smell to trigger the memories! Guilin Mifen may well be one of the scent associations you have with Shenzhe 

 So go to Dongmen and sniff the pecularity of Guilin Mifen one last time, so that next time when your olfactory sense are stimulated by the sour pickles marrying hot broth, your brain will spark like fireworks with memories of shopping for rip-off goods in Dongmen--yes, another thing you've yet to tick off from the bucket list. 


###3. Tie the Knots with A Chinese Girl 

Chinese girls are wife materials. But you're afraid of committments, you can always go to Splendid China and watch or even be a part of the performance of marriage customs of different ethnic groups in China. Volunteer to be the groom and tie the knot with the most beautiful girl in the tribe, and then you can brag to your friends forever about your exotic first wedding.   


 ###4. Gather Your Friends for a Dim Sum Sunday 


The traditional Guangdong tradition demands to be inherited by newcomers and locals alike. Gathering with your friends on a lazy Sunday morning around a huge table topped with a lazy susan and a couple dozen bamboo baskets will instantly inspire you to exchange miscellaneous stories in your lives. Your palate will blame you forever if you didn't treat it with the best Guangdong has to offer: shirmp dumplings, shumais, cheung funs among many more. Wondering where to go? We recommend the time-honored [Laurel]( OCT Portofino. 


###5. Get A Full Body Massage with A Cherry On Top 

Prep your mind and body for your next jouney. Spend an entire day at multifunctional leisure and massage spa where you can have a head massage, full body massage and foot massage while enjoying snacks, singing karaoke or playing pool. In Shenzhen, affordable spas that offer the above metioned services are not hard to find. If you're looking for a high-end option, [D-club]( is the place to go. 


###6. Last Round(s) of Tequilla Shots @ Coco Park

People have mixed feelings with Coco Park. Some say it's "different" at best, others cannot spend a week without paying four visits there. But nevertheless Coco Park is a must-do in Shenzhen where you can experience the notorious crowd at Lili Marleen, girls that dress like pastries at Pepper, beat-deaf dancing at Lax, gorgonzola dips at La Casa that makes you cry happy tears and country tunes at Rapscallions all at once. With that said, how about a round of tequilla shots? 


###7. Hike up Nanshan Mountain for One Last Look 


Apart from metaphorical significance of this activity, the gorgeous birdeye view of the entire Nanshan district when you reach the mountaintop is 100% worth seeing especially at night time. 


###8. Visit Hong Kong, Macau, and/or Zhuhai 








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