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SZ to raise pealties for traffic violations

Shenzhen will amend two of its major traffic laws, strengthening penalties for violations to curb reckless driving. Authorities are soliciting public opinion on the draft laws until Tuesday, when they will be submitted to the city's legislature for approval, Chinese-language newspapers reported Thursday.

Drivers who participate in street racing deemed unfit to be charged in court would be fined 2,000 yuan . Drivers could be fined up to 1,000 yuan for deliberately driving at excessively low speeds or for not yielding to emergency vehicles or vehicles carrying hazardous chemicals. Illegally switching lanes would carry a fine of 500 yuan. 

Drivers who make phone calls while driving or don't use proper safety facilities for children would be fined 300 yuan. Those caught using another person's driver's license could be fined 5,000 to 20,000 yuan.

In addition , to better implement the ban on drunk driving , the penalty for drunk driving will be extended to passengers who are family members, or in a "subordinate"relationship to the driver. Fines will be 100 yuan.

Meanwhile , the city is considering installing digital IC chips for all local vehicles. Non-local vehicles would be required to install the chip within 10 days upon arrival in the city. Failing to install the chip would result in a fine of 1, 000 yuan. 

In a survey with citizens by Shenzhen Evening News on Wednesday, many showed support for rasing penalties for violations. Others said it will be difficult to enforce these laws because the language is not clear concerning responsibility in certain cases. 

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