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Xiamen–Shenzhen Railway (CRH)

The Xiamen–Shenzhen Railway (simplified Chinese: 厦深铁路; traditional Chinese: 廈深鐵路; pinyinXiàshēn Tiělù) is a dual-trackelectrifiedhigh-speed rail line under construction on the southern coast of China. The line, also known as the Xiashen Railway, is named after its two terminal cities Xiamen in Fujian Province and Shenzhen in Guangdong Province, next to Hong Kong. The line will have a total length of 502.4 km and will form part of China's Southeast Coast High-Speed Rail Corridor. Construction began in November 23, 2007, and the line is expected to enter into operation on December 26, 2013.

The line is designed for trains running at top speeds of 250 kilometres per hour, and travel time between Xiamen and Shenzhen will be reduced from 11 hours to 3 hours.

The Xiamen–Shenzhen Railway follows the rugged southern coast of China. Major cities and towns along route will include ZhangzhouZhao'anRaopingChaoshanChaozhou,ShantouPuningShanweiHuidong and Huizhou.

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