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Shenzhen to Allow You to Abandon Your Baby in a Baby Hatch

Baby Hatch

Shenzhen will establish the first baby hatch in Guangdong Province next year, which has caused a heated debate among citizens. Some citizens think this baby hatch encourages those irresponsible parents to abandon their babies feeling less guilty while some say it could help to improve the survival rate of those abandoned babies, local media reported.

The baby hatch will be set outside the main door of Shenzhen Social Welfare Center with total area reaching 10 square meters and basic equipments like incubator being set. However, no CCTV will be installed inside in order to protect those who drop off their babies. Addition to that, they can press an alarm that goes off a few minutes later and notifies the welfare center staff who is on duty 24/7.

Once the news has been released, citizens start to discuss its availability and moral effect on the society. Does a baby hatch encourage carefree parents to abandon their babies in disguise?  

According to Mr. Rongsheng Tang, the officer of the welfare center, until October of this year, 92 abandoned babies were sent to the welfare center. Most of them were left on the streets or in the hospitals. Although the relevant Chinese law clearly states that anyone who abandons a child can be sentenced to jail for up to five years, it is hard to be implemented because of this and that. Some citizens are for the baby hatch. They think if we could not stop those parents from deserting their babies, the least we could do is to make sure those babies are taken care of. In contrast with this opinion, some citizens are worried much about it. They think setting a baby hatch is us paying for those parents without morals and to stimulate people to give up their babies easily. Besides, human trafficking is another serious issue to be considered. 



SZ to open baby hatch next year

中国网事:深圳拟于明年建立“弃婴岛” 会否变相鼓励弃婴?

Shenzhen to build Guangdong's first baby hatch

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