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【BOCA Blue Course】The course of marine environmental protection comes into the international school

BOCA Blue Course comes into the international school

BOCA Blue CourseThe course of marine environmental protection comes into the international school


    On October 27, 2017, a day with an invigorating autumn climate, Andy, who was the blue lecturer from Blue Ocean Conservation Association came to Basis International School Shenzhen, brought a vivid marine environmental education "Fighting for Clean Seas" to Ms. Reynolds’ grade eight students.



    Each year, at least 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the oceans as a result of our consumption. That’s like emptying a garbage truck into the ocean every minute. Unless we take action, our oceans will contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

    These plastic wastes need a lot of time to degrade in water (for example, 50 years for foam, 80 years for Styrofoam, and 400 years for plastic). They will make a significant impact on the marine environment. Each year, plastic pollution kills more than 100,000 marine creatures.



    In class, Mr. Andy explained in detail to students where the plastic trash came from, the actual impact on marine creatures, and how we should act. We also discussed on marine pollution problems and how to protect the marine environment. The classroom’s atmosphere is very active.



    Ms. Reynolds from United States had led the students to participate in the “13th Shenzhen International Cleanup Day 2017” hosted by Blue Ocean Conservation Association on September 17 in Dameisha. She also actively participated in the class interactive discussion with students. Ms. Reynolds educates and affects students with her love of the oceans, her concern and action of marine environmental protection.


    Ocean doesn’t have borders; public welfare activity doesn’t have borders too! Marine environmental protection requires the efforts of each of us. The ocean takes care of us. Let’s return the favor!



    When we left the school, it was the beginning of the school's Halloween carnival. Students and teachers were wearing all kinds of Cosplay and playing happily, the whole school was immersed in a thick carnival atmosphere. Happy Halloween!




About US

    Shenzhen Blue Ocean Conservation Association (BOCA) is China’s first non-profit marine conservation organization.

    In 2002, the first batch of divers in Shenzhen, who were employees of the Sea World Aquarium, spontaneously started to organize marine conservation activities. The idea of creating a special association to promote marine conservation was put forward, and Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau formally approved the establishment of the association in 2005. After 12 years of development, Blue Ocean became the most influential marine conservation association in China today.


Headquarter: Shenzhen Ocean Environment Monitor Centre (4 floor, Shekou Fisheries Building, Century Road, Nanshan District)

Luohu office: Shenzhen Luohu Social Innovation Space (4 floor, Wenfu Buliding, Wenhua garden, No. 34 Beidou road, Luohu District)


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