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Shen Wai International School Publishes its Very Own Chinese Textbook 深外国际部小学中文教材《启航中文》

Hang Chinese – SWIS publishes its very own Chinese textbook

After 5 years of careful selection, editing, typesetting, trial and revision, SWIS’ Chinese language learning book QI Hang Chinese has been distributed for use. QI Hang Chinese is a teaching resource created by SWIS, for SWIS students, to meet the needs of the 21st century global citizen. 

SWIS became an authorized IB (International Baccalaureate) PrimaryYears Programme (PYP) World School, which aims to cultivate life-long learners with international mindedness. Qi Hang Chinese was constructed under the framework of IB. It not only focuses on Chinese language, but also integrates with Units of Inquiry within the SWIS curriculum. Teachers adapted texts from popular local Chinese textbooks and were chosen to be diverse, engaging, relevantand in some cases, classics. Qi Hang Chinese also follows the National Chinese Curriculum. 75 classical Chinese poems will be taught across Pre-K and the whole of PYP. The stylistic development of Classical Chinese poetry consists of both literary and oral cultural processes. The key aspect of Classical Chinese poetry is its intense inter-relationship with other forms of Chinese art, such as Chinese painting and Chinese calligraphy. Classical Chinese poetry has proven to be of immense influence upon poetry worldwide. 

With so much variation of world languagesand cultures in the context of globalization, we encourage students to beOpen-Minded and respect different opinions. Qi Hang Chinese has achieved this goal, as a Grade 3 student recently shared with her parents with excitement that “My Chinese book is fun to read and I have learnt a lot from the paragraphs that my teacher chose for me. I feel more confident in reading and sharing now, and I respect different opinions from others and that’s cool. Now I can have fun while studying at home!” 





“现在人的语言过于贫乏,而中国的语言是有极其精到的地方。当看到美丽的景色,有人只会说‘好多鸟,好美呀’,而有人会说‘落霞与孤鹜齐飞,秋水共长天一色’。” —— 教育家李怀源

《启航中文》教材一经面世就受到学生和家长的喜爱。学生们拿到崭新的课本后难掩兴奋,纷纷跟老师说:“课文很有意思”, “我喜欢老师选的这篇文章”,“以后我一定每天好好预习”。


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