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The Elite of the Elite! Shen Wai International School

On the 14th - 17th of July 2017, 16 SWIS students travelled to Singapore to represent our school in the Singapore International Mathematics Olympiad Challenge (SIMOC). With over 20 countries and 4,000 students competing, our SWIS representatives did an outstanding job! These students performed exceptionally well in an extremely difficult event that required them to use their knowledge to solve a range of complex mathematical problems.


During the event, students were also tasked to work in small groups with otherparticipants from surrounding Asian countries. The 18 SWIS students invited to participate in this competition had previously received outstanding results in the Singapore and Asian School Mathematics Olympiad Challenge (SASMO) earlier in the year. Every student who competed in Singapore demonstrated exemplary behavior and returned from the event with an honorable mention. The SWIS community is extremely proud of their achievements!


Some notable results:

Gold medalists:

Vivian C (Grade 4)

Henry Z (Grade 6)

Tony W (Grade 7)


Silver Medalists:

Carlos X (Grade 3)

Helen Y (Grade 3)

Jerry X (Grade 4)

Denny X (Grade 5)

Jerry Z (2 silvermedals, Grade 7)


Bronze Medalists:

Chelsea S (Grade 3)

Vivian C (Grade 4)

Jerry Z (Grade 4)

Rain C (Grade 6)


Honourable Mention:

Shiny W (Grade 4)

Andy L (Grade 5)

Henry Z (Grade 6)

Alex X (Grade 8)

Richard L (Grade 11)


We would like to congratulate all of the SWIS students who participated in this Mathematics competition, you have all achieved wonderful results and should be very proud of yourselves! 




       今年7月14-17日,16名来自SWIS的学生代表参加了2017年新加坡国际数学奥林匹克竞赛(SIMOC)并喜获佳绩! 今年共有20个亚洲国家的2000多名学生代表参加了这项数学奥林匹克比赛,此次竞赛为所有学生提供了一次能够参加顶级数学竞赛并挑战自我的机会,竞赛既考察了学生对数学知识的领悟与运用,也激活了学生的数学思维和对数学的浓厚兴趣。




Vivian C (四年级)

Henry Z (六年级)

Tony W (七年级)



Carlos X (三年级)

Helen Y (三年级)

Jerry X (四年级)

Denny X(五年级)

Jerry Z (2枚银牌, 七年级)



Chelsea S (三年级)

Vivian C (四年级)

Jerry Z (四年级)

Rain C (六年级)



Shiny W (四年级)

Andy L (五年级)

Henry Z (六年级)

Alex X (八年级)

Richard L (十一年级)


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