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Longman's Group Brings Spirits and Wines to Shenzhen China

Longman Group is a supplier of premier wines and spirits

Longmans group started operating in China in July of 2015 but full-fledged around September. The whole idea came about while DJ was in India and really wanted to open a distillery and be part of the alcohol industry. He was mentored by Ankit’s (Co Owner) father who worked in Jamaican distilleries. DJ picked up on the idea while still in India and had the idea to sell in China due to the large market that is untapped when it comes to foreign liquors. Talking to his mentor about the idea, his mentor's son, decided to move to China and work with DJ to push the brand.

They started off with rum, whiskey, and vodka, which are all bottled in India. Part of the ingredients of the whiskey is in Scotland and the rum from Jamaica and Vodka. Prior to coming to China, Ankit and DJ met with wine makers in St. Emilion (Bordeaux) and South-Western France to look into producing their own wines. Using recipes by Ankit’s father, they were able to start with their first three products featuring their dark rum – “Grenade” in Nantong in 2015. Early the next year they brought in their first container of French wines produced and bottled in France. After meeting with an Armenian wines and Brandi manufacturer at Prowine, they included these products in their product line and brought in their first container around the same time as their French wines.  DJ would later go to Armenia and choose three wines (pomegranate, semi sparkling, and semi sweet) and three brandies (VSOP, XO and Hors d’Age) that would be a large part of the Longman’s product line. It would only be near eight months before their customers developed the love for the French wines and the 2nd container was brought in to the wholesale market.


Dj had a business along side the wine and spirits business in incense and Indian oils with an office also located in Shenzhen China.  This Shenzhen office ran by DJ and his partner started out buying wholesale wines for the Nantong branch and later on would merge with the Longman group and thus be a part of their Shenzhen opening.  Seeing the big potential in Shenzhen and Shanghai, they decided to open their next location in Shenzhen to get better access to South China and the Hunan/Guangzhou provinces. Ankit came to Shenzhen for the first time I Feb 2016 and would officially move the company here in May 2016.

Shenzhen, like most of South China, is an area where Cognacs are the most popular and Longman’s group sells one of the top brands – Gautier. If you're reading this and are a restaurant or bar owner, its good to note that the Longman Group are more than just wholesalers but are manufacturers of their own, rum, whiskey and vodkas. They are also exclusive seller of their wine labels, which are hand picked and produced in France. This means that you cannot find these nine labels (Jaubert, Landonnet, Vin De Tradition, Esprit, Saint-Valentin, Coutinel, 1878, Saint Marc, etc). This also means that it is very hard to beat their prices when it comes to wines and spirits.

If you want to try the products for yourself, be sure to stop by their Bao an Office and visit the tasting room. You would want to make an appointment with DJ or Ankit using the contact information below.

Place Name: 上海朗曼酒业有限公司 Shanghai Longman Liquor Company

Place Address: Room C2, Building 12, Dongjianghaoyuan, Baomin 1st Road, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


WebsiteShanghai Longman Liquor Company's Website

Place Phone: +86 18948739697

Email:  [email protected]
More InfoShanghai Longman Liquor Company

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