Managing International Cashflow & Business Lessons with Attila

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Today’s episode is at the tail end of my 1 month USA road trip (sorry I missed last week, too much traveling!) and I was able to get some juicy inside information about how my friend Attila runs his international business, dealing with international banking, cash flows, import and export headaches for consumer electronics in and out of China, and some business lessons with business partners. Enjoy!


Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduction of Attila
  • His process of going Retail, into Hong Kong, then Mainland China, then to wholesale
  • What kinds of products he has experience in selling
  • Financial flow (cash-flow) of money in Asia
  • Receiving money from customers (b2c and b2b) examples and flow
  • Receiving Paypal in Hong Kong
  • Corporate structure examples of what he has done or advised
  • Getting benefits of a Hong Kong bank without a Hong Kong company
  • Logistics of cash-flow – balancing USA merchant account and offshore merchant account
  • Limits or flags merchants put on batches
  • Why banks have these limits and risk controls
  • Rates of USA merchant banks and offshore merchant banks
  • Dealing with goods – Importing into Hong Kong vs importing into China and invoices protocol cross-border
  • VAT / Fapiao – taxes and duties in China, components or finished goods
  • Why goods in China are not always cheaper than in America or other countries
  • Case study of bringing in IC chips from Hong Kong into Shenzhen (mainland China)
  • Dealing with legal issues in China
  • Breakup with his business partner over this legal issue.
  • Strains of having business partners in Asia and USA at the same time and dealing with cultural differences
  • Importance of having shareholder contracts with business partners
  • Advice for new business people looking to get involved with buying and selling consumer electronics in Asia / China

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length: 24:26

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