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Take Teeth Replacement Seriously

Some children lose their first tooth as early as four or as late as seven. Generally, the younger the child was when the teeth came in, the earlier they fall out. As a general rule, the tooth loss always begin from the lower two incisors and afterwards the upper two incisors. The timing of teeth replacement differs from child to child based on their physical condition, so parents do not need to worry that too much. But the parents shouldn’t ignore the problems brought about during the period of teeth replacement from baby to adult teeth.




Ⅰ. Delay in tooth falling out

It will last for several months for tooth from loosening to falling out. The tooth usually falls out by accident, for example by the time when you are eating. There are some teeth do not fall out outright as if there’s a thread is pulling them, which will interfere with chewing for children. When children are confronted with this situation, parents are required to instruct their children to turn the teeth slightly by hand if the teeth have already separated from the roots. But if only a half tooth is separated from the root, then do not force it or even pull it. The consequences of a strong pulling can easily lead to damage and infection.


Ⅱ. Unbearable pain during the teeth changing

It won’t hurt in the process of teeth falling out. But along with the falling out of the baby teeth, the first permanent molar begins to come out, which will lead to swelling and aching of gum. If the pain is unbearable for the kids, it is recommended to see a dentist and the dentist will make a decision to reduce inflammation or not. After all, changing teeth is a process. During the teeth changing process, the children tend to eat less and complain bitterly about the awkward chewing. In this case, the parents are required to make sure to have a balanced diet for children and cook some foods that are easy to chew and swallow to satisfy the body’s need. In the meanwhile, parents are required to encourage the children to adhere to brushing the teeth regularly so as to make sure the oral hygiene.


Ⅲ. The permanent teeth erupt before the falling out of baby teeth

There are some children in the face of the situation that the permanent teeth erupt before baby teeth fall out, which causes existence of two rows of teeth. It is not a peculiar phenomenon, but a frequent phenomenon of double-layer teeth. The phenomenon of double-layer teeth is probably caused by imperfect reabsorption of the baby tooth root. The dentist will confirm the relative position of the baby tooth and the permanent tooth through oral X-rays to diagnose if the baby tooth will fall out by itself or need to be pulled out. Once the baby tooth falls out or is pulled out, the permanent tooth usually grows slowly to the correct position. But if the space that permanent tooth grows in is not enough, it is better to make early intervention than later orthodontic treatment.


Ⅳ. Baby teeth fall out too early or too late

Generally, the kids will lose their first tooth between the ages of 5 to 7. If your child begins to lose teeth before 4, consult a dentist to make sure there's no underlying problem, such as metabolic disturbance or periodontal diseases, etc. Parents are required to know the reasons that result in premature loss of baby teeth. It's also possible for a child to reach age 7 or 8 without losing any baby teeth. There's probably nothing wrong, but it never hurts to check in with your child's dentist to make sure.


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