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Shenzhen, China, 11 July 2017 – As another Mid-Autumn Day draws near, Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen presents nine kinds of moon cakes, as well as two kinds of delicately packed hampers featuring multi-flavoured and highly nutritious moon cakes as the premium offers for this year’s festivity and family unity.


Traditional classic flavours like White Lotus Bean Paste and Egg Yolk and Mixed Nuts Paste are available while the hotel also features a selection of unique creative new products like Milk with Egg Yolk Moon Cake and Mixed Flower Paste.


This year’s Snow-Skin Moon Cake will not disappoint with its quality ingredients.  Each bite will be an addictive blend of smooth, sweet and salty with a generous filling of the ingredients.


Furthermore, the Disney Moon Cake Package is made tantalising, fresh and childish with a Mickey Mouse-shaped outer packaging.  It comprises four exquisite and delicious moon cakes which will give Disney fans the fantasy of a Disney fairy tale.


The hit among the elegant moon cake packages is the 25th Anniversary Moon Cake Package created by Dim Sum Chef Zeng, who has 23 years of working experience.  It comprises one huge and delicious moon cake symbolising the future and history of Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen.  There are also two more flavours to choose from: White Lotus Bean Paste and Medlar with Almond and Mixed Nut Paste with Black Truffle.


The hotel also offers two hamper choices, Classic and Reunion, come with wine, olive tea and special snacks to send warm-hearted greetings on Mid-Autumn Day.


Guests can enjoy 30 per cent early-bird discount on the moon cake packages before 31 August 2017.  For a minimum order worth RMB6,000, guests will enjoy one-time delivery service within Shenzhen.  For reservations and enquiries, guests may call (86 755) 8396 1394 or (86 755) 8396 1366.

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