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4th Open Day: 2017 Spanish Food & Wine Show Room

4th Open Day: 2017 Spanish Food & Wine Show Room

In more recent years, the Spanish Food & Beverages industry has outstandingly increased their presence in the large and attractive Chinese market. As a result, Spanish institutions and companies have been working together in order to promote the benefits and good taste of Spanish food among the Chinese consumers.

Supporting these efforts and regarding the success of the previous event, the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Canton has organized the 4th Open Day: 2017 Spanish Food & Wine Show Room, which will take place respectively on May 12th in Shenzhen (1st edition) and on May 15th in Nanjing (2nd edition). This showroom aims to expand and strengthen the presence of the Spanish gastronomy in the Guangdong and Jiangsu provinces. Up to 20 Spanish companies already established in China will attend this event where they will showcase its best products to the Chinese professionals.

Besides the showroom, parallel activities related to Spanish cuisine and culture will be held within the event to the delight of the audience: Pintxos Bar, the traditional Sherry pulling show, Spanish cocktails demonstration and wine seminars.

Among all the exhibiting products, it is worthy to mention the remarkable presence of Spanish wine, perfect compliment for our famous tapas or pinchos. Spain is the 1st producer and the 3rd exporter of wine over the world. Each wine made in Spain has the peculiarity of having being produced with different and autochthonous varieties of grapes. These varieties confer distinction and a wide offer of wines according to the consumers’ tastes. Nowadays, Spain has the impressive number of 69 different Denomination of Origin (DO) distributed throughout its territory. The wine Denominations of Origin listed in Spain is a clear reflect of the great effort jointly made by the producers and the Spanish local associations to reach the high quality globally associated with the Spanish wines and backed by their regular presence in the Parker list. Some of the most famous Spanish wine DO are: DOCa Rioja, DO Ribera del Duero, DO Bierzo or DOCa Priorat. Different wines coming from all over the Spanish geography will be shown at the showroom.

When it comes to olive oil, besides being the reference country of this healthy product ahead any other country, Spain is undeniably the largest producer and exporter in the world. At the moment Spain has already occupied 80% quota of Chinese imported olive oil market, ranking No.1 among all the olive oil exporter countries. Nowadays more than 250 Spanish olive oil producers are already exporting their products to China. During this 4th Open Day, Spanish olive oil will be represented in the event by our exhibitors.

Meat, concretely pork, is the main Spanish food exported to China by a total value of 686,7 million Euros in 2016. Spanish meat is considered to be an exquisite meat, but in addition, Spain can be proud to be the producer of the finest ham all over the world. Along with the meat, exhibitors will delight the Chinese attendees by showing them the world-famous Iberian ham.

During the last 2016, the Spanish F&B exports to China reached the non-negligible amount of 1.169,5 million Euros. There is still a huge growing potential for Spanish products in China due to its high quality, its competitive prices and the fact that Spanish food also represents its long history and rich culture.

2017 第四届西班牙美食美酒开放日 


西班牙驻广州总领事馆经济商务处一直致力于西班牙产品的推广,此次 5 月 12 日及 15 日分别 在深圳(第一届)、南京(第二届)举行 2017 第四届西班牙美食美酒开放日活动,旨在扩大与 提高西班牙产品在广东省和江苏省的知名度。20 家已经进入中国市场的西班牙企业将出席展 会,给专业观众带来最优质的产品。

除了开放日的现场展示之外,同期还将举行西班牙美食及文化表演,为广大观众带来喜闻乐见 的:西班牙小食、雪利酒斟酒师表演、西班牙风味鸡尾酒展示及西班牙葡萄酒品鉴会等。

众多参展商品中,西班牙引以为傲的葡萄酒值得一提,它是西班牙 tapas(西班牙小食)的绝佳 搭配。西班牙是全球第一葡萄酒生产国,以及全球第三葡萄酒出口国。西班牙葡萄酒十分独特, 选用各种出色的本地葡萄品种进行酿制,能够适应广大消费者的不同口味。如今,西班牙共有 69 个原产地名称保护(DO),数量惊人。在西班牙葡萄酒生产商和各协会的不懈努力下,西班 牙的优质葡萄酒在全球表现卓越,经常出现在罗伯特·帕克的酒单之上。最知名的原产地名称保 护有:里奥哈优质原产地名称保护、杜埃罗河岸原产地名称保护、比埃尔索原产地名称保护以及 普里奥拉托优质原产地名称保护等。开放日期间观众将会品尝到西班牙各产区的美酒。

提到橄榄油,西班牙是全球第一大橄榄油生产国及出口国,遥遥领先其它国家。2016 年,西班 牙占据中国进口橄榄油市场 80%的份额,位居第一,有超过 250 家企业对华出口橄榄油。本次第 四届开放日中也将看到西班牙橄榄油的身影。

肉类:西班牙是全球第四大猪肉生产国,2016 年对中国猪肉出口总额较 2015 年上涨 81%,成功 超越丹麦及加拿大成为中国第三大猪肉供应国。西班牙肉制品(冷冻肉)品质卓越,还有享誉全 球的美味——火腿。 本次参展商将为观众带来举世闻名的伊比利亚火腿。

在过去的 2016 年中,西班牙食品饮料对华出口金额高达 11.695 亿欧元,显而易见,历史悠久、 美食文化繁荣的西班牙,其品质卓越、价格实惠的产品极具增长潜力。 

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