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Jazzy Sunday Brunch at Duke's of The Langham, Shenzhen

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Langham's Dukes provides a chef driven Sunday Brunch with Live Jazz

Taking Sunday Brunch to a New Level with Classic Jazz

Shenzhen is fast becoming a hub of fine dining as many expats seeking new opportunities flood in from France, Italy, Mexico and all over the world. This has sparked a rise in Shenzhen’s diversity thus, giving birth to a wide range of foreign restaurants uniquely themed to fit your preference.  

Whether you are looking for a relaxing summer meal by the beach or an authentic Italian cuisine made by an Italian chef, it would appear that there is always a hidden restaurant that is waiting to be discovered offering such an experience. When I lived in Atlanta, I loved to go to a certain jazz lounge and relax to the sound of piano and bass jazz tunes while enjoying some great dishes from their kitchen. It was something that I really missed when starting my journey around Asia until I found the brunch at The Langham, Shenzhen in Chegongmiao.

Brunch is a concept that is slowly becoming popular in China – originally being a European concept whereas a combination of breakfast and lunch dishes are served normally between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Duke’s, located inside Shenzhen's Langham Hotel in Chegongmiao, takes this amazing concept and combines it with a prestigious and classy atmosphere. They do this by offering a gourmet chef lead buffet combined with an a la carte menu and a free flow of many different types of drinks.




A New Concept with a New Chef

Duke’s at The Langham, Shenzhen started offering this brunch experience since 2015 and brought in a team of great chefs to lead the experience including Executive Sous Chef Fabrice Bruto from Paris, France. Fabrice has been cooking for 22 years. He grew up watching his father run a bakery and would later join a Rabelais (A white hat style cooking school) in Paris France and would study cooking for 2 years and pastries for one year. While in college he worked two years in an internship.

After graduating from college he would gain a diverse sense of inspiration while working in Russia, Argentina, Tunisia, Spain and America. He would open his own restaurant in Paris and run it for three years before becoming a cooking teacher at a private school in France. While working as a teacher, the school decided to open a branch in Shanghai China. Fabrice was part of the opening in Shanghai and thus, found himself in China. While teaching in Shanghai, Fabrice decided to return to the kitchen and moved to Shenzhen only a few months ago.

Although his training is in French Cuisine, he makes a point not to keep his complete focus on French dishes. Fabrice considers himself a fusion chef as he has travelled the world and learned how other cultures eat and appreciate food. With this understanding, you can find a great appreciation of his cooking style and the brunch buffet as it combines a great diversity of gourmet dishes to choose from.

“You can never truly say it's a French kitchen, I have inspirations all over the world that are put into my dishes. “ FABRICE, Executive Sous Chef.

Fabrice believes that brunch should be something really simple for everyone and provide a relaxing atmosphere and the brunch at the Langham Hotel offers exactly that. When you enter into the third floor and take your seat at Duke’s, you will be greeted by smiling English speaking staff and can relax to the sounds of amazing piano and bass jazz. The ambience of the room seems to be a prestigious romantic setting creating a very relaxing feeling. I believe this is how a brunch should be: it is not as casual as breakfast but yet more casual than dinner. This kind of atmosphere can attract a diverse crowd by offering both a relaxing and elegant atmosphere.  I know personally, I could sit inside for hours just to enjoy the live jazz, but being in the midst of a chef-driven gourmet brunch, it would be hard to not take part of the food and drink!

A La Carte Menu and Buffet Fusion

While you are getting situated, you are brought a three-tiered tray with pastries, crudites and canapes. I believe this helps to give a relaxing feel and gives an impression that you don't have to rush through the menu but can take your time.  An A-la-carte menu featuring eggs, brunch dishes, entrees and desserts is available as well as a buffet featuring meats, a fresh seafood area, a sushi station, salads and desserts.


The Amazing A La Carte Menu by The Langham, Shenzhen’s Duke’s

The Menu’s best selling egg item is the eggs benedict. This dish is definitely an elevated version thought up by Chef Fabrice. It features a home-made English muffin topped with spinach, 5J Iberico Ham, smoked salmon and a perfectly done poached egg.  This dish brought an amazing experience as my first choice and was extremely delicious.


Eggs Benedict by Langham Hotel's Duke's

There are two different brunch items that do the best at The Langham, Shenzhen’s  Sunday Brunch: Firstly, their ricotta pancake is a must try. The dough is made with a good portion of ricotta cheese to me more soft and tasty. Once the pancakes are made, they are topped with caramelized bananas and a house made spiced syrup. This was by far the best pancake I’ve ever tasted and there is a definite presence of the ricotta cheese in the flavour making it truly unique. The second dish that is a must try in the brunch portion of Duke’s menu is their Liege Waffle. Liege is a city in Belgium which is why this waffle is made Belgian style. It is then topped with berries and a house made whipped cream.


Ricotta Pancake by Duke's at Langham Hotel

The entrée’s of Duke’s Sunday Brunch are a fusion of many flavors from around the world based on the influence of Executive Sous Chef Fabrice. Considering the Chef is from France, you cannot leave without trying the Foie Gras. Foie Gras is a popular French dish made by cooking the fattened liver of a goose. The Foie Gras at Duke’s is prepared similarly to a Japanese teppanyaki being seasoned and cooked on a grill until the outside is crispy giving an amazing contrasted taste of a crispy outer layer and buttery inside.  It is topped with a rosemary cognac pepper sauce and served with grilled mushrooms and asparagus.

Foie Gras by Duke's

The #1 picked choice on Duke’s menu is their Half Boston Lobster Thermidor. This is another French-based dish consisting of a creamy mix of cooked lobster meat, egg yolks, mustard and brandy (often cognac) stuffed into a lobster shell. The Thermador at Duke’s is made by first grilling the lobster to give it some flavour, afterwards, it is mixed with the creamy sauce and cooked in an oven. If you're like me and don’t get a lot of enjoyment out of fighting with your shellfish, this is a perfect dish. It is very easy to eat and a delicious twist to the usual high-end lobster dishes offering more than just the lobster and butter combination. I am not a major seafood lover, but I really enjoyed the flavour of this dish.

Lobster Thermidor

Another Western that is offered on the menu is the Black Angus Beef Tenderloin. Once ordered, you can choose the way you wish it to be cooked (I would recommend going with the Chef’s preference) and what type of sauce you would like served. The default sauce is a black pepper sauce and has a strong pepper aroma and taste and a creamy texture. It Is served with a side of veggies.

The Brunch Buffet

During your wait after picking the main dishes from the menu, a full buffet is available with many types of food for tasting. The salad area featured a diverse selection of salads from a salmon salad to a Japanese style squid salad. Small premade salad cups are also available for convenience with unique combinations of raw asparagus, baby tomatoes, parmesan cheese and quail eggs.

There is also fresh seafood area featuring multiple types of crab, fresh French imported oysters, lobster, and shellfish. To add to the fresh seafood area, there is a sushi station featuring fresh nigiri sushi selections and sashimi. There is also a great selection of cheeses and meats including three styles of home-cured salmon classic, lemon and beetroot), sliced baked French style meats and 5j Iberico sliced ham. 5J Ham is without a doubt, the best Spanish ham in the world made from Iberian pigs that live in the Iberian peninsula and are acorn fed. From start to finish the process of salting and air-drying this meat can take up to six years creating a sweet and fatty ham that's demanded all around the world.

Desserts by Italian Pastry Chef Francesco Mannino

The A La Carte Menu, as well as the Buffet, has an amazing pick of tasty desserts made by their very own pastry chef, Francesco Mannino. Francesco was born in Rome, Italy and originally went to school for Latin and Greek. In his mid-twenties, he decided to pursue his dream as a chef and went to London in 2003 to study culinary arts where he earned his MBQ pastry level 3 and 4 certifications in 2 years. He always had a passion for pastries and loved the creative and visual side of the art.  While in London, he decided to experience Asia with his wife who is from Korean. He first moved to Beijing where he spent two years before coming to Shenzhen as recent as a few months ago.

What is very exciting is trying to get both the local and our own European cultures and make fusion desserts. It’s quite interesting and what local people would like because it’s not purely western or local - so it's quite interesting.

He believes that pastries and desserts should remind you of your childhood being festive and artistic. This belief goes well into his pastries as they combine delicious visual combinations of bright colors contrasted with dark French chocolates, light creams and candy décor. Although he is from Italy, he spent two years working in Paris ad has adopted the French style of pastries into his creations and considers himself now more of a French pastry chef. Spending time in Asia, he also finds delight and mixing his own western culture with Asian influences such as local fruits.

Delicious Pastries at Duke’s

Since working with the Langham Hotel, Francesco’s signature dish has been the éclairs served in the buffet area. Eclairs are a French pastry consisting of a long dough filled with cream and topped with a frosting. Normally eclairs can be a pretty heavy pastry with a custard filling but at Duke's, they are made to be lighter and not as filling.-Francesco also wanted them to be more fruity and does so by adding fresh fruit compotes to the filling making it more refreshing.


Another must try dessert creation in this amazing brunch are the brownies. If you are a fan of European chocolate, you must have tried the famous “Ferrero Rocher” chocolate. These chocolate balls consist of a roasted hazelnut, surrounded by hazelnut chocolate and a wafer crust covered in milk chocolate and chopped hazelnuts. The brownies at Duke’s Sunday brunch are first created to have the soft and gooey texture a brownie is supposed to have and then dipped in a melted mixture of Ferrero Rocher giving it a hard delicious coating.  It is definitely a chocolate lovers’ dream brownie.

A Relaxing and Engaging Brunch Experience

Overall, I was extremely happy to meet the chefs and management at Duke’s in The Langham, Shenzhen. They were extremely friendly and engaging. The beautiful and jazzy atmosphere was a great touch to my overall dining experience and any question I had about the food was quickly answered by well-educated staff who all spoke great English. There is a lingering vibe that comes with this type of environment, so if you decide to treat yourself to this Sunday Brunch, come with a willingness to enjoy the experience and relax to the live jazz. The Sunday brunch at Duke’s is 658+RMB, which includes a glass of Perrier Jouet Champagne and a free flow of 9 kinds of house wines, juices, cocktails and other drinks. If you wish to also have a free flow of champagne, the price is 888+RMB. This brunch begins at 11:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM on Sunday

Address & Contact

Duke's 爵廊

Address: Level 3, The Langham, Shenzhen, 7888 Shennan Boulevard, Futian District, Shenzhen
深圳市福田区深南大道7888号, 深圳朗廷酒店, 3层

Website: Duke's (The Langham Shenzhen)'s Website

Booking Phone Number: 86 (755) 8828 9888 ext.8922


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