Bromsgrove School Mission Hills Information Session

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Why are families from the UK, US, Canada, Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen clamouring to obtain entry to Bromsgrove School Mission Hills? These are several factors leading to the popularity and success.

In partnership with the outstanding Bromsgrove School, UK, students are set up for success from a young age with exceptional prospects for university entrance to the World Top 50 Universities, as evidenced by our partner schools longstanding reputation and student results. 80% of students gain access to their top choice university.


PETER CLAGUE- Headmaster of Bromsgrove School Mission Hills

Unparalleled facilities are available to our lucky students as we are nestled within a Level 5A scenic area with fresh air and green space surrounding our learning environment. Students have access to the nearby Golf courses, Boris Becker Tennis Academy, Ice Castle skating rink, Eco Park and incredible creative opportunities represented by MH Maker, art studios and exhibition centres and the Guanlan Print Base.

A blended ‘East meets West’curriculum and Bilingual Learning for all students, not only allows us to follow an inquiry-based approach, facilitating the critical thinking and problem solving skills so essential in the world today, but also recognizes the value of traditional and rigourous approaches to the development of certain Core Skill.


On the 22nd April morning, Bromsgrove School Mission Hills will hold an Information Session in Shekou. We warmly welcome all families to attend and look forward to seeing you there.

Future's Bright of Children at BMH

Bromsgrove School Mission Hills Information Session

Date:April 22, 2017(Saturday)


Venue:Shenzhen Ming Wah International Hotel, Guishan road NO.8, Shekou, Shenzhen


If you would like to attend the session or to arrange for a school tour, please scan the QR code to register online. 


Bromsgrove School Mission Hills will cater for students from Preschool to G12 and is now accepting entrance applications from Chinese mainland, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan, and international passport holders from K1 to G4 this August.

You can also call:0755-28010733

Admissions Phone&Wechat13613052284/13560730534

See you there!!



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