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Shekou Service Center: Where YOU Can Get Any Help As a Foreigner!

Whether you’ve just recently moved to Shekou or have been here for a while, there are definitely some rules that as a foreigner you’re simply unaware of. Living in China without speaking the language or understanding the culture can make your life very complicated, but what if I told you there is a support center for foreigners located right here in Shekou that can help you with all your questions and needs about living in China? Well, there is and it is closer to you than you can imagine.


 The Shekou Management and Service Center for Expats (MSCE) was created and is operated by the Shenzhen Government in order to provide a simple and comfortable way for foreigners to get all of the information they need to know about living Shekou, and also to answer any questions that you might have about living in Shekou.


 So how does it work? Well, simply go to the service center located near Dongjiaotou metro station exit A. They can assist you with temporary residence, general advice, guidelines for public services, along with other important information ranging from laws to tips about living in this great city. The MSCE can also help you by telling you about all types of upcoming events here in Shekou. 


 In case going to their office seems a little too daunting, the MSCE also offers a WeChat group where you can ask any questions with respect to living in Shekou and get immediate answers from more than 100 other foreigners. 


 To go a bit more in-depth with respect to each of the things that MSCE can help you with, here’s a short list:


A. Service Guides: Guidelines for public services, travelling services, currency exchange, food and beverage guides along with service & recreational guides. 


B. Community activities:  Cultural exchange activities, traditional Chinese and foreign events, charitable activities and community events where you can ask professionals such as police officers for more information regarding Shekou. 


C. Consultation & Advice: Business, marriage, residence and employment, laws and regulations, passport tips (what to do if you lose it) and visa advice (applications or extentions). 


 After talking to one of the directors of MSCE, I was informed that “After collecting all of the frequently asked questions we will soon print a handbook for expats living in Shekou to share all the information” This will be helpful because even for someone like me who was been in Shekou for almost 5 years, there is plenty to learn. 


 In the end, if you’re a foreigner who needs help or advice in order to live a comfortable and healthy life within the Chinese regulations, MSCE may just be what you were looking for. 





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