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Black+Blue Brings Western Favorites to Shekou

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Black+Blue brings western burger, pasta, pizza and more to Shekou

Black + Blue has been open in Shekou for almost a year. One of the owners, Jet, is originally from Taiwan and came to the mainland towards the end of July last year. Shortly after his arrival, his current partner invited him to join in on a restaurant idea in Shekou. They wanted to make a vibrant combination menu including western style dishes which would include a strong push on Italian cuisines such as pizzas and pasta. From this concept came the creation of Black + Blue. Black + Blue focuses on pizzas and spaghetti but also has an assorted menu of brunch items, steaks, burgers, salads, and sandwiches.


The restaurant is very family friendly, they do special parties for their guests and special themed parties for children. The owners wanted to keep the restaurant more family focused and are successful with respect to doing this by keeping their prices very affordable. I was a bit shocked on the special set dinners and lunches offered, as the average guest price is RMB 60.00 for dinner and RMB 38.00 for lunch. The atmosphere and vibe are definitely that of a higher end restaurant, yet you are not breaking the bank to enjoy a good quality dining experience.



The first thing I tried here was their original beef burger. This burger was surprisingly tender and reminded me of burgers back home. It had a great amount of fat and later on, I found out that they were one of the few establishments I know of using USA ground beef to create their burgers. Also, it’s good to note that the toasted bread used for their burgers is made every morning in-house. The cheese was an American melted cheddar making this a good ole’ fashioned American cheeseburger.



If you're feeling like a brunch during lunch, be sure and give Black + Blue a try, as they have a brunch menu available during lunch hours every day. One of the brunch items I tried was the eggs Benedict called “The Benny”. This comes with cooked ham, spinach, two poached eggs and is covered in a lemonade egg yolk sauce and served over two English muffins. It's good to note that the muffins are also made in house. All together you are getting 5 eggs in the egg Benedict dish since 3 eggs are used to make the sauce.



The main style of food available at Black + Blue is Italian. There is a large variety of risottos, pasta, and pizzas ranging from the locally loved durian pizza to the classic buffalo mozzarella pizza. If you're a thin crust pizza lover, you will love the pizza that they dish out here. The dough is made from a more local Hong Kong flour and is thin and foldable (but a bit thicker than your NY style pizza). It is seasoned well and has a great flavor. The mozzarella cheese used in the pizza is imported from New Zealand and is a buffalo mozzarella.

Clams + basil & cream sauce spaghetti pasta was my pasta of choice. There are three types of pasta that you can choose from spaghetti, fettuccini, and rigatoni. I had this dish made with rigatoni, which was cooked very well (not too mushy like a lot of “Italian” places do). The sauce used was a green basil and avocado pesto sauce cooked in cream. It was not overly sauced but done very well and had a strong flavor to it. 

There is also a great grilled menu featuring thick cut rib eye steaks, lamb chops, Boston lobster, and salmon. I gave the thick cut rib eye steak a try. They used American Angus that has been marinated for a few days. That said, I was offered both a mustard sauce and the typical black pepper sauce but the steak was great on its own and didn't really need any help (although I loved the mustard sauce that was available).


The dessert was a Fondant Au Chocolate, which reminds me of a chocolate Bundt cake. The cake is a chocolate cake with a hard and crispy outer texture and filled with a melted chocolate that was not too sweet. The concept here is that the desserts should be lighter and not too overbearing after you have already finished a heavy meal and that's how I like my desserts.

In conclusion, I believe that Black + Blue is a great place to bring your friends and family. It is a perfect spot for a great and affordable dining experience and has a quiet and personable atmosphere. The owners are very attentive to the guest's needs and watch closely over the restaurant. That said, the customer service here is very good. If you are looking to give Black + Blue a try, you can find them near the Shekou hospital on the south side of Sea Sail Plaza building on the first floor.  There are daily specials during lunch hours for only RMB 38.00, as well as special dinner sets for two ranging from RMB 98.00 to RMB 138.00 with various assortments of pizza, pasta, and appetizers.  That said, it will not cost you a lot to take a friend or loved one for a good quality lunch or dinner.


For those reading this article, if you spend RMB 150.00 or more during your next visit to Black + Blue in Shekou, you will receive a free appetizer of your choice (besides the OX tongue). Also, as it is nearing the first year anniversary of Black + Blue, free Black + Blue T-shirts will be given to anyone spending around RMB 300.00 or more (even if it's a big group). This offer is based on the availability of stock.


Average Spend per Head: 60RMB

Place Name: BLACK + BLUE

Place Address: No. 1052 Nanhai Avenue , Sail plaza shekou 南山區南海大道1052號 海翔廣場

Place Phone: 0755 - 88896567



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