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The Oolong tea let you better

The Taiwan Oolong tea is more slim effect than  other , less worst for stomach.


Fitness healthy body, it should be from the inner to outside.

Only good foundation within the body,
can improve to long-term good situation


1. burn calories: a cup of tea can consume 40 calories, the equivalent of brisk walking for 15 minutes.
2. Control appetite: Oolong tea can regulate nerve, prevent excessive pressure caused by overeating.
3. Blocking absorption: irritation, “pancreatic lipase” reduce the absorption of sugars and fats.
The decomposition of fat: Oolong tea is rich in caffeine, it can break down the accumulation of body fat into the bloodstream.
5. metabolize fat: Oolong tea is better oxidation resistance, the ability to metabolize fat and better than green tea.
6. cholesterol: green tea antioxidant capacity is better, but the cholesterol-lowering effects that oolong tea is better than green tea .
7. The anti-cancer effect: tea catechins to inhibit cancer cell growth, a significant effect.
8. the oolong has caffeinated but can protection bones: calcium loss ,   coffee and tea which is cannot.
9. reduce stomach: tea drinker, in particular, can reduce abdominal fat accumulation.



The Oolong tea has effect of lipid-lowering diet tea is better than black tea and green tea, Japanese called  it as the “slim tea”, Japan Scholars believe that Oolong tea has separated neutral fat and suppress cholesterol. Oolong tea is referred to the Japanese Pan Collectively refers to semi-fermented tea, including Oolong tea, Tie Guan Yin tea, packet tea and so on.

At present the tea studies have shown that drinking tea can not only relieve fatigue, also help digestion and dysentery, Inhibit obesity, beauty and so on. National Cheng Kung University, Professor of Medicine published a study Zhangzhi Ren “Journal of Obesity” in Pointed out that people who regularly drink tea, body mass index and fat content ratio lower and good than people who drink less.

Moreover, the effect is remarkable woman to lose weight than men.

Zhang explained that this is because black tea and oolong tea compared to green tea, in addition to stimulating pancreatic lipase. Activity, reducing sugars and fatty foods to be absorbed, it also can accelerate the body’s heat production increase, promote Fat burning, especially to reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat. Nutritionists also believe that there is indeed a tea weight loss.


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