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Amazing View, Food and Ambiance at Grange Grill at The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan

Grange Grill has amazing Steaks, Seafood and Ambiance

In every big city, there are these certain restaurants that you can go to for a great fine dining experience and beautiful city view. These are located usually on high rises overlooking the city and in America, many times they will have a rotating functionality to them so that while you enjoy your dinner, you are getting a full 360 view of the city. I have to admit that many restaurants I have visited around the world with great city views often had a food experience that was definitely below average. These restaurants would capitalize the location to win their guests while suffering a barrage of negative reviews of the food. After trying a few of these high rise restaurants in the U.S, I gave up hope of finding something that would combine the city view with a great dining experience until I came to Shenzhen and visited Grange Grill located towards the top of The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan Hotel opposite window of the world. Grange Grill has been receiving high praise concerning their high-end Angus bee fand M6 and M9 wagyusteaks as well as other menu items brought on by their executive chef Paul Dodd from Australia. Paul has been cooking over 22 years and has worked in around the world in places such as London,Tokyo, Paris,Seoul and others. On top of having an amazing afternoon tea and dinner menu, Grange Grill overseas a beautiful panoramic view of the city of Shenzhen and even looking across the Shenzhen bay into Hong Kong.

City view from the Grange Grill Terrace

I've heard quite a bit about Grange Grill but have never had a chance to try it for myself until recently and I loved the experience I got from it. Grange Grill is located atthe top of The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan giving it a great view of the city. When you walk into the restaurant, you get a lingering feeling whereas, you want to relax a bit and enjoy a panoramic city view while enjoying a great meal. The ambiance is very romantic with low lighting, soothing music and lamp lit tables. The chairs are a high chocolate brown vintage style with a blue velvet inseam. Feeling the atmosphere of the room, it's no wonder why many proposals are done here. If you’re looking to do such a proposal, be sure to give them a heads up! While you're taking selfies and city shots, don't forget to check out their amazing menu. Upon being seated, you are given a bread assortment with three types of bread made in house by their bakery and combined with 2 types of spreads. It's good to note that the baguettes, pretzels, buns are all made in house by their deli. The bread offered is Sesame Grissini Sticks, Lavosh with sea salt and a Focaccia with sundried tomatoes, herbs, and olives. These are served with French butter and an olive-truffle spread. The Focaccia was my favorite choice from the bread mix. It had an amazing aroma and flavor.

Bread Assortment

Moving on from just the bread, I tried the seafood ceviche, which is a mix of marinated scallops, prawns, octopus, New Zealand mussels, chili, avocado, lime, and coriander. This was a cold appetizer with a ton of fresh tastes all working together and tasting amazing. I loved the look and the flavor of this dish, as it was really colorful and attractive. The other appetizer I had was the Alaskan king crab cake, which was all around my favorite appetizer of the night. Crab cakes are among my favorite seafood dishes and this was made perfectly. It was a panko breaded and fried crab cake with great texture. In most crab cakes, a lump crab meat is used which is a lot softer in texture than your usual king crab. That said, this one had more a full texture to it than what I was used to making it a bit more filling and giving it a unique flavor. 

seafood ceviche & lobster crab cake by Grange Grill

After the appetizers, I had to sample of four of their oysters. There are five different kinds of oysters available: Belon, Gillardeau, Black Pearl, Fine De Claire and Tia Maria. Each of these has a distinct flavor from each other with some being more crunchy and gamey such as “Belon” while others are more salty and juicy like the “Fine De Claire”.

Oysters at Grange Grill

I wish I could try all of the sides as they all sound pretty amazing but my sides of choice were the tempura onion rings and the Scalloped Hasselback Potato. The potato really stood out for me. I love potatoes already, and this was something a bit different for me. A potato was sliced,baked and covered in sour cream and bacon and servedsmothered incheese. It was truly amazing.


Cabbage, herb, parmesan and lemon salad at Grange Grill

Considering this is a steak house, I obviously had to try the steaks. One thing that makes Grange Grill stand out is that they are one of the few steakhouses offering M9 steaks.  M9 is the highest grading for beef available and provides the highest level of tenderness and marbling. At Grange Grill, they are using full blood Mayura Wagyu Beef for their steaks.. What makes these steaks unique is that the cattle are fed chocolate as part of their diet. The result is and texture of the steak a unique flavor profile, producing a tenderness and succulent juiciness that makes the beef melt in your mouth. I had the M9 tenderloin and really loved the overall flavor and texture of the steak. It had a natural flavor that didn't need much help or sauces added. Their menu also has M6 andgrain-fedAngus steaks.


If you are looking for a beautiful city view for a special occasion or just to hang out with a stellar dining experience, you really need to give Grange Grill a shot! I really enjoyed my time and dining experience there and plan on returning to try other items on the menu. If you have been there before and want to share your experience, please leave it in the comments area!


Golden GaytimeDessert at Grange Grill

Place Address: 25th floor,9028-2 Shennan Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 518053


Place Phone: 755-26988888 


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