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New Qianhai Talent Policy Facilitates Green Card Application for Foreign Talents


An Interim Measure for Administration of the Foreign High-Level Talents' Residence in Qianhai has been issued by Shenzhen government in oder to facilitate the residence of foreign talents and attract more foreign talents to work in this Shenzhen “Manhattan”, which is expected to be completed around 2020. 

The policy mainly includes three parts - Availability of Residence, Long-term Residence and Permanent Residence for foreign hight-level talents and their spouse and children who are under 18 years old.

According to the policy, foreigner who works in Qianhai could apply a 2-to-5 year resident permit. If foreigner wants to apply for a long-term residence, s/he could ask his/her company to apply to Qianhai Management Bureau with relevant materials, such as photo, passport, The Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Foreign People, Health Certificate, Relationship Certificate (if your spouse and children come along with), and other documents required by public security unit. If it is an initial residence permit application, foreign talent should apply it by himself/herself instead of being done by the company. Applying for the permanent residence, foreign applicant should ask his/her company to apply for it.  The required materials are similar to those of long-term residence application. However, Certificate of No Criminal Conviction of applicant spouse is required. For detailed information, foreign talent can call 0755-3666-8888 to enquire. 


About Qianhai

Qianhai, located in the west of Nanshan district with a total area of about 15 square kilometers and a total investment of CNY 400 billions, is a booming special economic zone in Shenzhen. In the future, it takes only 10 minutes to Shenzhen and Hong Kong international airports and half hours to the Central of Hong Kong due to its advanced traffic network. So far, 20 Fortune 500 enterprises have set their headquarters at Qianhai.


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