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Residence G Introduces The Clubhouse To Nanshan

Residence G Brings G-Club to Nanshan

Residence G Shenzhen has impacted the heart of Nanshan by combining both a modern boutique hotel and a lifestyle-serviced apartment. I personally love the modern and European look and feel of this residence hotel and the fact that it is only a five-minute Mobike trip away from the Raffles City Mall and fifteen-minute drive from Shekou entertainment & dining area. If you are a guest or a resident of Residence G, you can enjoy all of the modern amenities and personal touch experiences offered by the Residence G staff at your leisure. This includes an E-reader application to access 6000+ complimentary daily newspapers and magazines, a user-friendly smart TV and mirroring system, fully equipped kitchens and high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access.  The smart TVs make it easy for users to connect their mobile devices to their TV for live streaming which I personally feel is a great feature to have. 


One of the best features that both residents and guests can enjoy is the G Club. This consists of 2 floors of entertainment and dining. The 10th floor is known as EnerGy and features many sports and wellness facilities. On this floor guests can find access to a fully equipped gym and is open 24 hours. If you are staying at the Residence G and have children that you need to keep busy, the Residence G has an indoor kids room fully stocked with toys and a ball-pool. There is also 25-meter long and 6-meter wide indoor heated swimming pool surrounded by poolside furniture for relaxing. This feature is a great-added bonus to have in a city that is prone to constant thunderstorms and showers and since space is usually a big issue with hotels in the Shenzhen area – you seldom will have the opportunity enjoy an indoor pool. 


The pool has side doors leading outside to the Terrace. The Terrace is a relaxing open-air area of Residence G with a beautiful panoramic view of the Nanshan cityscape. If a guest or resident wishes to rent part of the Terrace, the Clubhouse offers BBQ facilities for private use with meat and seafood selections from the Clubhouse’s menu. This includes their Roasted baby chicken, Norwegian Salmon, Sea Tiger Prawns, Australian Angus Beef (Rib eye Cut 250G), New Zealand lamb chops (300G), and Australian prime rib (1KG). A barbeque selection comes with your choice of potato wedges, French fries, steamed rice, mashed potatoes, mixed vegetables or ratatouille. 


This amazing selection is only part of the large menu available at the Residence G Clubhouse - located on the 11th floor. This is a relaxing and casual wine bar and restaurant featuring a full breakfast buffet from 6:30 A.M, Happy Hour, Lunch Specials and Dinner Options. The breakfast buffet has a unique twist by offering guests the option to shoot what type of eggs they prefer and to have them made A-La-Carte instead of being subject to the usual cold buffet style scrambled eggs that you normally see in breakfast buffets. This includes the choice of egg white only or whole eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs, scrambled eggs or even custom omelets. There is also the choice of pancakes or waffles. 

My first experience at the Clubhouse was during lunch and I enjoyed selections from different parts of their lunch menu.  The first item that hit me by surprise was the famous “G-Board” which was a 1-meter long wooden plank covered in a large array of snacks, cold cuts and cheeses. The G Board can be ordered with 3 selections (or 5 selections with the “Club Board”), which includes a choice of high quality cold cuts including: Parma ham, coppa, salami, Paris ham, mortadella, chorizo and Iberico ham. There is also a choice of pork rillettes which is a popular French dish consisting of seasoned pulled pork slow cooked in fat until it is very tender. This was one of my favorite choices on the G Board. Along with amazing meats, you also have a choice five types of cheeses (Brie, Camember, Comte, Goat, and Roquefort). The G Board is used for large parties as well as special events. 


There is a healthy menu consisting of five types of European salads. The first salad I tried was the chicken and bacon Cesar salad made with iceberg lettuce, crispy fried bacon, sliced grilled chicken and Parmesan cheese. This was an amazing salad and definitely worth it for lunch. Another salad to consider is the French salad Nicoise Salad that is made with tomatoes quail eggs, tuna, bell peppers, potatoes, green beans and mesclun salad. It comes with a vinaigrette dressing and was extremely tasty.


There’s also many Paninis and burgers on the menu, which have become one of the best sellers on the menu at The Clubhouse. The bread of the Paninis at the ClubHouse are brushed with olive oil and grilled prior to being served making them a hot and crispy sandwich. There are four Panini choices on the menu (crab meat, mozzarella, Parma ham, smoked salmon) and two burgers (tuna and wagyu beef).


From the grill menu I tried Norwegian Salmon that was made perfect with seared skin and grilled in butter. It came with a béarnaise sauce, which married perfectly with the salmon. Another grilled item I tried, which was my favorite choice at the Clubhouse, was the roasted baby chicken. This was cooked Sous Vide style, which means that the chicken is first, cleaned, and marinated overnight in salt water. After that is done it is dried and chilled overnight. Next it is vacuum-sealed with butter and seasonings and then slow cooked in a 67-degree water bath for 2 hours. Lastly, it is cooked in hot oil to make a crispy textured skin while keeping the meat extremely tender. This is the best seller at the Clubhouse and is a must-try dish. There are also pastas, desserts and soups available on the menu from 11:00 A.M to 10:30 P.M. 


The Clubhouse at Residence G is not just a restaurant but also a relaxing lounge area where guests can come to finish their work while enjoying the Wi-Fi or just enjoy the city view and relax. It’s good to note that the clubhouse is open to the public and a great place to stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner. That said, if you are in the area, you owe it to yourself to give the Clubhouse a try!

Place Name: Club G 会所餐厅与酒吧

Place Address: 11F| Residence G Shenzhen|4078 Dongbin Road, Shenzhen

Website: The Clubhouse's Website

Place Phone: (86) 755 8663 7888 – 8519

Email: [email protected]

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