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Residence G Opens In the Heart of Nanshan Under GM Ms. Cressard Blandine

Cressard Blandine Opens Residence G in Nanshan

A One-Of-A-Kind Residence Hotel

Residence G Shenzhen has been launched as an international serviced apartment and hotel at the heart of Nanshan under the management of Ms. Cressard Blandine. Her journey around the world started 25 years ago. She came to the G project in Hong Kong in 2012 to take over a project to turn a building into a serviced residence with a new concept called “campus” which catered to students. Using her unique ideas, she took on the project in Feb. 2016 to build Residence G here in Shenzhen China. Hotels & Residence G do not share a duplicate ambiance and look due to the fact that the General Managers of Residence G are given a lot of flexibility to express their ideas in the overall look and feel of the hotel which means; when you visit a Residence G hotel in other parts of the world, you are certain to get a different experience. Because of this fact, it is not an easy job to open a Residence G hotel as you are given, in Ms. Blandine’s example, an empty building with the freedom to fully express your ideas in almost every aspect of the hotel. This means you have the opportunity to take risks to better improve upon working ideas. Using her skills in interior design and management, she was able to build a hotel and a residence that stands apart from other hotels not just in interior but also in the staff.

Providing a “Personal-Touch” Living Experience in the Heart of Nanshan

Residence G Shenzhen is located in the heart of Nanshan and is only a ten-minute walk to Raffle City Mall. Guests and residents of Residence G find themselves within easy access to international schools, entertainment areas, shopping and even a short travel distance to Hong Kong and Macao. It is a new boutique residence hotel that has only been in the Nanshan area for five months and is already impacting its local community. The interior design of Residence G was designed and managed by Ms. Blandine to have a modern European-style look. Ms. Blandine, who is from France has achieved this overall look by adding a French touch to specific areas of the hotel and was sure to give each main room a slightly different look and ambiance. 


Residence G has been made into both a hotel and a fully serviced residence. If you wish to stay a day or a year, there are packages available to fit your needs. For long-stay residents at Residence G, you only need to bring your luggage and can be rest assured that all other aspects of your living space are taken care of. This includes but is not limited to: international TV channels, wireless Internet, smart TV, linens, kitchen equipment, washer/dryers and toiletries. You also get full access to the EnerGy floor where you have a kids club, yoga room, ping-pong room, an indoor heated swimming pool plus a 24-hours fitness center. There is also a Terrace located on the 10th floor, which overlooks the Nanshan area with beautiful panoramic views as well as the Clubhouse, which features a warm and comfortable restaurant/lounge.


These are all aspects of Residence G that have been thought out and pushed by Ms. Blandine to offer guests and residents an enhanced experience. In addition to these great amenities and features, the main aspect of Residence G that sets itself apart from the rest is its staff. Hiring staff can be the riskiest part of managing a residence hotel like Residence G due to the unique concept and ambiance that it has. Ms. Blandine wanted the staff at Residence G to reflect the personal touch of Residence G and thus made it her priority to hire management who were still fairly new to the hotel management industry and did not fit the mold of traditional hospitality management. Most of the management staff at Residence G are younger in age than your typical hotel management and are given a bit more freedom than normal to step outside of the usual hospitality mold. This was done with the pursuit of having staff who could freely express themselves and bring a better personal impact to the guests while still keeping a strong professional work ethic.


The staff at Residence G have also been well trained to cater to the personal needs of the guests as well as to know the habits of the residents. They do this by watching the choices and looking for consistencies in actions such as their dining habits (staff are trained to follow the habits of the guests and to remember their favorite choices in pursuit of not having to always ask the guest for specific details). Birthdays are remembered and celebrated by a personal note - hand written by Ms. Blandine as well as a special meal prepared on the “G Board” by the in-house chefs consisting of food that the staff feels the guest would like based on their habits, nationality and/or culture. The “G Board” is a 1-meter long wooden serving dish which can contain mixtures of different types of snacks or desserts. 

G-Board by Residence G


This gives a different twist on the usual birthday celebration and adds yet another personal touch to the guest's experience. If you are a guest or resident at Residence G, you can rest assured that the staff trained under Ms. Blandine will go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure your stay is a comfortable one. Ms. Blandine herself has personally gone out of her way to make sure that customizations are added to specific living quarters to make the resident feel more at home. This can range from making sure that a specific blender is ready for the guest when they arrive or adding a customization to the kitchen for guests who need more cooking space. If the customization can be done to make the resident feel more like home, then Ms. Blandine will make it happen.

“If a customer has a need that we can meet, we will make it happen because we know that this is their home away from home”
Ms. Cressard Blandine, GM of Residence G Shenzhen

A New and Unique Experience


Residence G Shenzhen in Nanshan is the only Residence G hotel in China consisting of many residents from all over the world. This residence hotel consists of hotel rooms for daily stay and full-service living quarters for long stay. The resident community at Residence G is a friendly community, which takes parts in parties held at Residence G as well as monthly networking events.  Since the hotels opening, Residence G has hosted community parties with more than 200 local residents and Ms. Blandine is looking forward to creating new community events and adding more features to Residence hotel to better elevate her guest's experience. Residence G Shenzhen has done a great job combining living, entertainment, work and leisure into one place – thus becoming a one-stop facility for its guests/residents needs. 

Residence G 深圳G公寓

Place Address: No.4078, Dongbin Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen


Website: Residence G Shenzhen 's Website

Place Phone: (86) 755 8663 7888

Email: [email protected]

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