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Traditional Chinese Medicine | 中医科特色服务

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 Traditional Chinese Medicine | 中医科特色服务

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ,is a traditional medicine originating from Han dynasty and a subject specialized in human physiology and pathology as well as internal diseases cure and prevention,which includes Chinese herb medicine, acupuncture, massage, cupping, breathing exercises, dietetic therapy etc. Herewith we would like to briefly share some of the popular physical therapies for our foreign members with international insurance plans .


一、Acupuncture 针灸

Acupuncture applies to all kinds of arthralgia,myalgia,rheumatism,muscle aches & soreness,rigidity after sports.Usually it takes 30 mins to experience once .




二、  Massage推拿

(1) Massage for Child 小儿推拿

Child Massage applies to recurrent cold, fever, coughing, constipation,and anorexia. It works best for  

children under the age of 12. Usually it takes around 20-30 mins to experience once .


(2)Massage for Adult  成人推拿

Adult massage applies to pain in shoulder, neck and back , stiff neck, vertigo, knee and ankle

joints.Usually it takes around 30-60 mins for experience once .




Cupping applies to common cold, coughing, indigestion, constant pain in neck and shoulder, knee

and ankle joints.Usually it takes around 20-30 minutes for experience once .




 TCM Team



 Dr. Wang,Head of Dept.

Dr. Wang , head of the Traditional Chinese Medicine Department, has over 40 years of working experiences. She has accumulated abundant clinical experiences in treating coughing, vertigo, gout,gestation,postpartum,dysmenorrhea, infertility etc.



Zhang,Senior Therapist


Wang ,Senior Therapist

Both of them are senior therapists,who have engaged in the rehabilitation therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years and are good at massage for head, neck and shoulder, acupuncture and moxibustion, cupping and chiropractic for children,etc.


Soft Reminder: Most of international insurance companies offer direct billing services with Traditional Chinese Medicine Dept. For more confirmation, such as frequency and reimbursement limit, please reach our International Membership Center (English: 0755-3391 9139, Japanese/Korean: 0755-3391 9125 ).

温馨提示:大部分国际保险公司提供中医科直付服务,具体上限次数、报销额度等详情,请联系我们的国际会员中心团队(0755-3391 9139英语服务,0755-3391 9125 日/韩语服务),进一步核实您的相关福利。

HarMoniCare, as the first international hospital with JCI certification in Shenzhen ,has been cooperating  with more than 50 international insurance companies and we will assist you in contacting the insurance companies to guarantee your direct billing, making sure that you enjoy the high-quality medical services.


●  트래불로버 (Travelover 韩国旅客保险)

● AIU保険   

● AIOI あいおい損害保険

● 朝日火災海上保険社

● AMERICAN HOMEアメリカンホーム保険会社

● ALLIANZ  アリアンツ火災海上保険

● ACE INSURANCE エース損害保険(入院以上)


● 富士火災海上保険

● HS  損害保険

● 共栄火災海上保険

● 三井住友海上火災保険

● 三井住友海上火災保険(香港)

● ニッセイ同和損害保険会社

● 日本興亜損害保険  

● 日本通運健康保険会社

● 日新火災海上保険

● ニューインディア保険


● スミセイ損害保険

● SECOM  セコム損害保険

● SOMPO JAPAN  損害保険ジャパン

● SOMPO JAPAN  損害保険ジャパン(香港)

● 東京海上日動火災保険  

● 東京海上日動火災保険(香港)  

● チャブグループ(フェデラルインシュアランス)

● チューリツヒ保険会社

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