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SWIS Celebrates International Children's Day

SWIS Celebrates International Children's Day

This year the SWIS (Shen Wai International School) PTA has worked together with the school to celebrate Children's Day with surprise gifts for all SWIS ROCS. Gifts were not only delivered to the children, an activity was also developed to strengthen school spirit within the students, where MYP students visited PYP classrooms to deliver the toys and spend time with the kids playing together.  In turn the PYP were very happy to give the MYP students a token of their appreciation. HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY SWIS ROCS!!

On June 1st, SWIS is celebrating International Children’s Day with a variety of events. Students in Kindergarten through Grade 3 have been working in music classes to learn the song ‘Child of the World’ to perform as a celebration through song. Students used their knowledge of musical skills to learn the song with words and movements, as well as discussing the meaning behind the text. ‘Child of the World’ points out the similarities of children from around the world, and invites them to join in harmonious music making in hope for a better tomorrow. We hope you will join us for our performance at 3:00 PM today.



下午3点,K年级到三年级的学生们齐聚在教学楼的走廊上,通过一首歌曲“世界儿童”来庆祝他们的节日。 在本学期的音乐课上,孩子们利用他们所学到的音乐技巧知识,用文字和动作表达歌曲,讨论歌词和音乐背后的意义。 “世界儿童”指出了来自世界各地的儿童的相似之处,并邀请他们加入和谐的音乐制作,希望有更美好的明天。 他们用稚嫩的歌声表达出对伙伴的友谊、对师长的敬意、对未来的憧憬、对全世界儿童美好的祝愿,以一首“世界儿童”表达他们作为世界公民的心声。


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