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Club CUBIC Presents Fatboy Slim

Club CUBIC Presents Fatboy Slim

British musical legend FATBOY SLIM lands in Macau on Friday October 11th for a one off spectacular at Club Cubic! Creator of the chart-topping tracks ‘Praise You’,'Rockafeller Skank', 'Right Here Right Now"; expect nothing less than a jaw dropping spectacle from the original superstar DJ. No CUBIC party would be complete without great music and the special guest of this evening is an internationally renowned recording artist, dance music legend and the best party DJ in the history of the world!!  Yellow Fever will set the scene of the night for CUBIC!  Don’t miss out on the party of the year!


Norman “Jack-of-All-Genre” Cook, in addition to his former occupations as bassist for the Housemartins and one-third of acid house hitmakers Pizzaman, is also the man behind one of the most popular of the new flock of English “Brit-hop” producers, Fatboy Slim. 

Releasing his Fatboy material through club staple Skint, Cook’s raucous blend of house, acid, funk, hip-hop, electro and techno has added to his already formidable reputation as one of the foremost all-around producers on the U.K. club scene.  

He achieved chart hits with 'Gangster Tripping' and 'The Rockerfeller Skank'.  His first number one was with 'Praise You', and afforded the Fatboy superstar DJ status.  As Fatboy Slim, he has won TEN MTV Video Music Awards, TWO Brit Awards and a Grammy Award.  As well as dj-ing and producing, he has also been responsible for some notable remixes, including the track “Brimful of Asha” by Cornershop.

TICKETING:    cityofdreamsmacau.comCityline | Tom Lee Music
REGULAR TICKETS: HKD600 include 2 standard drinks (from 9 Sept - 11 Oct 2013) 
REMARKS: Admission strictly for 18 or above only & all tickets are free standing.
DRESS CODE: YELLOW FEVER! *Dress in yellow to receive an extra complimentary drink!
RSVP AND INQUIRIES: Tel: (853) 6638-4999 | Email: [email protected]
OPENING HOURS: 23:45PM - 06:00AM
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嬌比呈獻 Fatboy Slim

由英國傳奇 DJ、唱片監製暨創作人Norman Cook所化身而成的全球電子音樂先驅Fatboy Slim將首次來到「嬌比」演出一場驚人的音樂表演。「嬌比」派對絕不能沒有優秀的音樂,是晚表演的Fatboy Slim更是國際享負盛名的藝人及DJ。
關於Fatboy Slim
Fatboy Slim打破了搖滾音樂和电子舞曲間的空間,再結合了充滿動感的流行音樂元素,創造出全球最受歡迎的舞曲。
Fatboy Slim唱片全球總銷售量已經突破800萬張,不但是排行榜的常勝軍,更為他贏得了包括全英音樂獎、MTV音樂獎、格林美獎等無數大小獎項。而他在大小音樂慶典及全球各個音樂會中的演出,現場人潮更是擠得水洩不通,也難怪權威音樂雜誌Q要把他評選為一生中最該看的五十組現場藝人。而大家最耳熟能詳,整首都只唱著一句 「Right About Now!Funk Soul Brother」 的舞曲國歌《The Rockafeller Skank》都是所有樂迷最期待的曲目。

售票網址: cityofdreamsmacau.com購票通 | 通利琴行
備註:全場企位及不設劃位 。 只准18歲或以上人士入場
衣著 : 黃色狂熱! *凡穿黃色衣著進場人士均會額外獲贈標準飲品一杯!
演出地點:新濠天地「嬌比」- 澳門路氹連貫公路, 新濠天地, 新濠大道二樓
 (853) 6638 4999 | [email protected]

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