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Diminish eyelash fallout problems through bimatoprost

Are you worried about eyelash fall out? You need not worry as you can resolve your eyelash problems through bimatoprost. Bimatoprost solution is used for increasing the length, thickness and darkness of eyelashes. It may increase the duration of the eyelash growth phase which results in longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. People usually desire for darker and thicker eyelashes which can give a better look to eyes. Especially women are more conscious about this. They also undertake some eyelash extension treatment and one can even get fake different colored eyelashes in the market. There are many causes due to which eyelash fallout such as using local mascaras, dandruff in hair, rubbing the eyes hardly and so on.


Bimatoprost should be used under medical surveillance. It should not be used if one has allergy to medicines, if a lady is expecting a baby, if a person is using any medicine to treat glaucoma, and if anyone had undergone any eye surgery before. Eyelashes perform several functions. Initially it protects our eyes from debris or dust from entering and harming our eyes. It gives a warning sign whenever is something near our eyes. It helps in warning us that an object or a thing is nearer to our eyes. And lastly it acts as a protective wall for our eyes.


Bimatoprost solution is to be used exactly prescribed by the doctor or pharmist. One should not undertake any kind of self medication while using this medication. This solution should be used once in a day unless your doctor asks you to increase the application. One is advised to take out the contact lenses before applying bimatoprost as it would be placed back in the eyes within 15 minutes after the application. If this solution is not applied on a proper place, then hair may grow in other areas as well where bimatoprost is continuously touched or applied.

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