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Hospital or Hotel?

A suite at Shenzhen Far East Women & Children's Hospital

Visiting Shenzhen Far East Women and Children’s Hospital is a pleasant surprise. It is probably the most un-hospital-like hospital in Shenzhen, with rooms – and service – more like that of a hotel. No more long queues or needing to wait hours to see the doctor. Here you will be treated efficiently and with respect, whether Chinese or foreign.

The entrance is welcoming, festooned with seasonal decorations. The customer service desk is a short distance away and is easily found so you can register as a new or returning patient. Unlike public hospitals, the SFEWCH accepts direct billing from a range of insurance companies for both Chinese and foreign patients. More than twenty different companies provide direct billing insurance services here, including such well-known names as Ping An Finance and BUPA.

Once registered you have the choice of either paying the fees yourself or using the direct billing service. If the latter is chosen just make sure you have your insurance card and ID to make the process smooth and effortless. The initial consultation fee is RMB 20.00 for Chinese patients and RMB 150.00 for foreigners, with subsequent fees being RMB 6.00 and RMB 100.00 respectively. There is also a choice of Western or Chinese Traditional medicine; of course, the doctor will recommend only the right treatment for each patient.

Another important benefit for foreigners choosing this hospital is that they provide an English translator for the meagre sum of RMB 100.00 per session. English translation is part of the VIP service, which also provides fast service to see the doctor, English translation of any medical documents and, of course, free Wi-Fi in the International Medical Centre on the third floor.

SFEWCH prides itself on the quality of its service in all areas of patient care, whether outpatient treatment or when staying overnight or longer. They provide a wide range of services from free outpatient health screening for breast and cervical cancer, to paediatrics, to inpatient operations. Their main aim is to have excellent customer service and a comfortable hospital environment. To this end they make it as welcoming as possible, including holding regular concerts on the first floor to entertain patients and visitors.

Their specialism, however, is caring for women during pregnancy and birth. There are a range of rooms and facilities available, as well as various ante- and post-natal clinics. Almost 7,000 women chose to have their babies here in 2016; a testament to their excellent provision and service standards.

Women can choose whether to have a natural birth, a water birth or a caesarean, and a family member can even remain with them during the birth, depending which room is chosen for the delivery. Shared rooms or different-sized private roomsare available to stay in, each with an en suite bathroom. There is even a choice of a suite with a separate living room, television, fridge and other facilities to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Family members are allowed to stay in the private suites, and there is no limit on the number of people who can visit. This also applies to the home-style rooms, which are more like a small apartment than a hospital room. The other advantage of the home-style rooms is that the mum-to-be will not have to change rooms for the delivery and can stay for as long as necessary, even up to the 30 days that new Chinese mums traditionally stay indoors for.



Another mark of excellent service is that inpatient meals can be provided, unlike in public hospitals. There is, of course, an extra fee for this, but it is well worth it to not have to worry about someone else bringing in food. A vegetarian option is even available.

As children are the other main customers at SFEWCH, childcare is very important. There is a free play area for children visiting the paediatrics department and various classes are available, including baby swimming sessions. Of course, children do not often keep to office hours, especially when ill or injured, and the hospital provides for this with a 24-hour emergency department for children, which is situated just to the left of the main entrance.


There are several ways an appointment can be made at SFEWCH – phone, internet, WeChat or in person – or you can goto the hospital without an appointment. The busiest time is first thing in the morning, so if possiblevisit in the afternoon. The hospital is open for appointments from 8.30am until 5.30pm, and an English translator is always available during that period. Outside of those hours there is an English translator on call, who will come to the hospital for births or translate via phone for less urgent matters. When visiting the hospital, both taxi and metro are easy options. SFEWCH is a short walk from Hubei metro station on Line 2: go out exit D, turn right, walk up the stairs and the hospital is on the left.

With excellent service, a comfortable atmosphere and hotel-like rooms, Shenzhen Far East Women and Children’s Hospital is a refreshing change from most hospitals.

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