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HYPOXI - Design your body finally arrives in Shenzhen at the Grand Hyatt

Weight Loss Equipment by HYPOXI

HYPOXI China is pleased to announce that the unique and all-natural HYPOXI-Method® has now finally arrived in Shenzhen. HYPOXI is hugely popular around the world, with more than 2,000 locations in over 50 countries including prestigious locations in e.g. London, Milan, Berlin, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore and even the most luxurious cruise ships in the world are equipped with HYPOXI. However, until now, those who live in Shenzhen did not have access to this level of targeted fat reduction training - until now. The HYPOXI-Studio Luohu is located at the Grand Hyatt and is equipped with our latest equipment to cater for both male and female customers alike. Even with its upscale and elegant appearance, the studio is surprisingly warm and welcoming, providing the best of both worlds. Our customers will be provided with refreshments and luxurious individual changing rooms. 

Created by Dr. Egger in Austria, HYPOXI is a unique therapy proven to combat stubborn fat and cellulite. It is the perfect alternative for those who don’t want to resort to liposuction. The special HYPOXI machines are designed specifically to target problem areas in the hips, thighs, bum and waist. These light cardio machines aid blood circulation while gently exercising, through over and under pressure, which in turn helps to burn fat at the desired area. The Luohu studio also has a special HYPOXI Dermology/Skin Training machine, which gets rid of cellulite, water retention and toxins. So as well as losing circumference, customers using both systems will see a vast improvement in skin tone too.  

HYPOXI is no exhausting workout”, assures China's Managing Director Mr. Daniel Ridders. After four weeks of HYPOXI-Training® with a total of twelve 30-minute training units, not only are the problem areas reduced, but the connective tissue is strengthened, the skin is firmer and cellulite is reduced considerably as well. Our well-trained HYPOXI-Coaches create an individual training plan for each user – according to their objectives and personal requirements – and provides tips for a well-balanced diet. “The members of our team are not only well-trained but they are also kind, caring and professional - creating an atmosphere of support and inspiration” Mr. Ridders explains. 

HYPOXI is not just about weight loss but inch loss too. On your first consultation with HYPOXI’s friendly coaches you will be weighed and measured. Each session you will see the weight drop off as you step onto the scales before your training and after six sessions (two weeks) and 12 sessions you will be measured and at this point you will see how many inches you have lost around your leg, bum and tum. A meeting of human and technological interaction, HYPOXI is not a miracle but a solution. 

In order to celebrate the opening of the HYPOXI-Studio Luohu @ Grand Hyatt, we are offering a complementary trial session and a 30% discount on all HYPOXI-Training packages. The offer is valid until 31st August, 2017 - so what are you waiting for!? All studio and contact details as well as directions can be obtained here.

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