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Guangdong Biggest Drug Village Busted; 3 Tons of Crystal Meth Seized, 182 Arrested

Boshe raid

(Photo from Reuters - Police was carrying the crystal meth in the massive raid in Boshe village, Lufeng.)

December 29, 3,000 Guangdong police, together with speedboats and helicopters, raided Boshe village, Lufeng city, the notorious drug production and trafficking area. About 3 tons of crystal meth or “Ice”, 260 kilograms of narcotic ketamine powder and 23 tons of raw materials for drug production were seized, with 182 suspects are arrested. 

At about 4 A.M., a joint armed police team besieged the Boshe village and started the biggest ever anti-narcotics crackdown in Guangdong. Thanks for the precision deployment, no bullets were used in this action. Besides drugs and weapons, the head of drug production and trafficking in this area - Cai Lianghuo, the technical “expert” - Cai Xuan and another key person - Cai Zhaorong were arrested. 

Boshe village is part of administrative region of the city of Lufeng that is facing the South China Sea and located between two special economic zones - Shantou and Shenzhen. The village has an estimated population of about 14,000 and more than a fifth of them are alleged to be involved in drug production and trafficking. “It has formed a clan-based, industrialized operation with local protection,” local media quoted a police statement as saying. The history of drug production in Lufeng area can be tracked back to 1990s and was an open secret. According to the state record of seizure of drugs in 2012, 1/3 “Ice” was from Lufeng area.

Police had tried to bust the village before. However, villagers resisted with replica AK-47 automatic rifles and grenades. In this operation, police also smashed a bomb manufacturing den. 



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