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A Pour Touch of Vietnamese Cuisine at The Langham, Shenzhen

As the taste of freshness is always expected in a hot summer, from 6 to 19 June, Vietnam Guest Chef Nhut will present more than 50 authentic Vietnamese signature gourmets at Silk of The Langham, Shenzhen, inviting you for a pure touch of Vietnamese cuisine and culture.

Fresh color, refined dish and non-greasy taste are the significant features of Vietnamese cuisine. With variety of seasonal fruits and vegetable as main ingredients, the Vietnamese flavour is a perfect integration of sweet, sour and spicy, which triggers the appetizing and fresh dining experience. What’s more, the colonial history also endows this Southeast Asian cuisine with French culinary heritage.


Born and bred in Vietnam, Guest Chef Nhut is skilled in combining tradition and creativity,which is evident in his specialty dishes such as Braised fish in clay pot with caramelized fish sauce, Poached scallop with pomelo salad and Vietnamese baguette stuffed with chicken liver pate, just to name a few. In addition, guests will not miss the worldly renowned signature dishes as Aroma Vietnamese beef noodle soup, and the fresh rice paper paired with savory condiments of duck, chicken, pork or shrimp to choose from. To finish this gourmet journey, Chef Nhut has also exclusively prepared you delicate desserts as Mung bean dumpling cooked in ginger syrup and also Chilled sago sweet soup. In order ensure the authentic dining experience, all herbs used for the feast are selected and imported from the native land of Chef Nhut. 


Furthermore, Mater Chef Cooking Class together with Food and Wine Pairing Class will also present the beauty of Vietnam in its cuisine and culture.

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