2017 New Rules to Open Company in Shenzhen

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How to open company in Shenzhen, what document I need to prepare first? Should I be partner with Chinese or I can register with my name only? How long does it take to get a new company registered? What benefit do I have if I have a company registered under my name? I am sure that most people will want to know these answers when they get the idea of setting up a company in Shenzhen. Here are the answers for your referance.

1. You can open a limited company whether you are in Shenzhen or not if you are in your own country and you want to open company first before you come to Shenzhen, it's fine and acceptable. If you are in Shenzhen, then it's more convenient and saves time for ID proof work

2. Now no longer need financial proof, that's new compared with rules in previous years. All you need to provide is your passport or ID notarized proof and basic company information such as company name, address, business scope, etc.

3.It takes 3-4 weeks to registered a WFOE(Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise), before it was 2 months.

4. Benefits of having your own company? Besides the part of local branding, hiring employees legally and doing business legally, you can also apply work visa, buy social insurance( pretty important if you want to buy property in Shenzhen later or car plate) and apply visa for other countries in China(if you have work visa, then you can apply visa for other countries in China, if not, most of the time you need to go back to your own country and apply there), apply visa for family member to come to China as well whenever they want to.

Of course, you should consider all sides when considering setting up a company in China, better get professional help with registration and tax guidance. Once the company is registered, responsibilities come along, which affects your credit records in China.



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