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How to Get the Most Out of Your Life in Shenzhen

Shenzhen: The Book remains the go-to resource for everything you need to take advantage of all that Shenzhen has to offer.

You can still get yourself a fresh copy of The Book at 50% of the cover price. Why? Because the book just launched and you're a reader. So, since this site is the publisher, we wanted to hook you up.

To get a better idea of what you'll be able to access within the book, below is an excerpt about the Tomb of Song Shao Di: Read more »

Q & A With Authors of "Shenzhen: The Book"
Author Interview Shenzhen: The Book just published a new guidebook about Shenzhen titled, Shezhen: The Book.

The project was a colossal effort by longtime Shenzhen residents Ted and Karen Rule. The book covers everything you'd want to know about traveling and living in Shenzhen.

To find out more about how the book was created we sat down with Karen and Ted to discover more about their writing process and their passion for Shenzhen.

When did you start travelling?

Shenzhen: The Book Now Available on
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SHENZHEN RESIDENTS, Business travelers, expats, adventurers, backpackers, Hong Kong day-trippers, and any other Shenzhen visitor seeking quality English information about Shenzhen can now breathe a sigh of relief. Read more »

Muji Launches First Ever Hotel in Shenzhen

Japanese retailer Muji have built a global reputation for their minimalistic designs with no-logo policy and for an emphasis on recycling and avoiding waste in both production and packaging. It is a corporate approach that has made them a market leader and given them a style that is instantly recognizable. Read more »

Talent Type A/B/C, How Much Do You Know about Chinese Work Visa Policy?

I bet that some of you have heard about things like this.

No.1 Some business owners in Shenzhen went to renew his work permit this year and got refused.Why? What did he do?


Work permit renew should be easy, doesn't matter what your education qualification is. Just to be honest about the application information and 80% people get approved without question. How come some people got refused? And some of them are business owners, AKA, investors?

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Most Frenquent Asked Questions About Chinese Visa

Q1. I got a new passport now,but my Chinese visa is on the old passport. How can I transfer my visa to my new passport?What should I do?


Answer: Chinese visa cannot be transfered from one passport to another one, but you can use both passports to enter and exit China, no need to transfer. When the old visa expires, you apply a new Chinese visa on new passport and then you can keep the old passport away into one of your collections if you want.


Q2. My Chinese visa says valid time is 3 months, but Duration of each stay is 30 days, so is it going to be a problem if I stay in China for 3 months?

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Things Need to Know About New Work Visa Policies in Shenzhen

Things Need to Know About New Work Visa Policies in Shenzhen


There is new work visa system running from November 1st, 2016. There are some articles writing about it and basically declaring how this policy is more convenient for applicants and there will be many advantages, etc.


Needless to argue about that whether it is a good thing or bad thing, since it's the fact already and applicants have to do as the new work visa system requires, like it or not.


So, let's talk about the differences between the old system and the new system.

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Tickets Now On Sale for Cruises To/From Shekou!

8 Cruise Ship Voyages are on sale now to/from Shekou's new Cruise Ship Port in Prince Bay! 

Join the first ultra-luxury cruising experience onboard In China

About Shekou's New Cruise Ship Port

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The Bund – A Remarkable Symbol of Shanghai Status
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A portray of Shanghai will definitely let you imagine its signature financial towers and the Huangpu river. Marvelous, impressive and glittering building is a flamboyant view. It seems like each superstructure is challenging other architectural building to intensify the beauty of the place.  Travelling to Shanghai is incomplete with the stopover place at “The Bund”. Read more »