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Taste the Unique Flavors of North Indian Cuisine at Saffron, Luohu
Saffron introduces north indian cruisine to Luohu

Shenzhen China is a fast growing city that has quickly begun to diversify its city culture with a diverse range of restaurants. Due to this, it is becoming easier and easier each day to find cuisine that caters to your taste no matter where you are from.

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Christian Buggelsheim Returns to Further Elevate Guests' Experience at the Venice Raytour Hotel
Christian Buggelsheim Returns to the Venice Raytour Hotel

The Venice Raytour Hotel Shenzhen in OCT has appointed Mr. Christian Buggelsheim as their new General Manager and is now looking forward to some exciting changes to their guest experience. The Venice Raytour Hotel Shenzhen is the only Italian themed hotel in all of Shenzhen offering its guests a unique and memorable experience. It does this by providing an Italian ambiance that shows in both the exterior as well as the interior of the hotel. The staff also takes part in the ambiance by offering Italian greetings to their guests as well as dressing the part with traditional Italian attire. Read more »

Longman's Group Brings Spirits and Wines to Shenzhen China
Longman Group is a supplier of premier wines and spirits

Longmans group started operating in China in July of 2015 but full-fledged around September. The whole idea came about while DJ was in India and really wanted to open a distillery and be part of the alcohol industry. He was mentored by Ankit’s (Co Owner) father who worked in Jamaican distilleries. DJ picked up on the idea while still in India and had the idea to sell in China due to the large market that is untapped when it comes to foreign liquors. Talking to his mentor about the idea, his mentor's son, decided to move to China and work with DJ to push the brand. Read more »

Jingshan Villas in Shekou Offers "Hometown Comfort" for Expats
Jingshan Villas is a perfect home away from home for foreigners

The Need For "Family Comfort" Overseas

With the rise of globalization, the world seems to be getting much smaller and more and more international travel and careers are becoming prominent among many countries. This is due to industries being taken over my specific countries, expansions happening across the globe by larger corporations or even expats who are chasing an opportunity abroad. Whatever the reason is, there seems to be a growing need for international communities around the globe where professionals can have a place to continue raising their children in an environment that educates them and supplies them with a “home away from home” feeling.

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Affordable Brunch in COCO Park by Les 5 Chefs
Caroline's a la carte brunch features breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites

The Brunch Movement

As Shenzhen begins to grow and diverse, I am seeing more and more western influences starting at the Hotels and making their way through the restaurants and local shops. Some of these trends include Afternoon Tea which was just done by a few select restaurants and hotels and has now grown to almost be part of the food culture here.

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New South Indian Menu at Indian Cottage
New South Indian Dishes by Indian Cottage

Vincent came to Shenzhen working for a trading company and starting his own trade company which he did for 18 years before pursuing his passion for food. After having a restaurant in HK started the Indian Cottage with his friend Ivan. Many who have come to eat at Indian Cottage, have testified of the friendly environment and optimal service they receive as well as the delicious North Indian dishes such as their Chicken 65, Tikka Masalas.  These dishes are cooked by one of the four Indian chefs who work at Indian Cottage so you know that the dish you get is made by a native chef who understands the spices and flavors that go into each particular dish.  Read more »

Engaging and Relaxing Afternoon Tea
Engaging and Relaxing Afternoon Tea

 As Shenzhen China continues to grow and diversify, cultural fusion can be seen more and more in our restaurants, schools and hotels. Even now many hotels are offering a western style brunch now on Sundays while bars and pubs are beginning to allow the British Sunday Roast to reach the European expats in the Shenzhen area. One concept that I have found to be slowly growing in the Shenzhen area is the concept of Afternoon Tea.

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[Review] 4th Annual Shenzhen Bay Music Festival
[Review] 4th Annual Shenzhen Bay Music Festival

The annual Shenzhen Bay Music Festival was founded and hosted by SWIS(Shen Wai International School) in 2014, 2015 and 2016.  The festival endeavors to bring together passionate and able Grade 4 - 8 musicians from the city to prepare for a combined schools musical event.  The 2015 festival saw two guest conductors sharing their expertise with faculty and students, Mrs. Darlene Elkins (USA) and Mrs. Mary Giles (Australia), and the 2016 festival featured guest conductor Mr. David Sheaffer (USA) and guest composer-in-residence Mr. Paul Jarman (Australia).  The 2017 festival was guided by guest conductor Ms. Read more »

Texas Style Bull Rides, Drinks and Steaks at Rucker Bar
Rucker Bar brings a Tex-Mex Style Bar and Grill to Shenzhen China

Growing Fusion Craze Now in Shenzhen China

Jazzy Sunday Brunch at Duke's of The Langham, Shenzhen
Langham's Dukes provides a chef driven Sunday Brunch with Live Jazz

Taking Sunday Brunch to a New Level with Classic Jazz

Shenzhen is fast becoming a hub of fine dining as many expats seeking new opportunities flood in from France, Italy, Mexico and all over the world. This has sparked a rise in Shenzhen’s diversity thus, giving birth to a wide range of foreign restaurants uniquely themed to fit your preference.   Read more »