Restaurant Review Guidelines

People dine out for something unique they cannot replicate at home, or.. they are simply too busy to cook! Either way, our job here is to help save their time and help them find out if they'd like it or not!

Okay, so.. we would want to be thorough in this! Here is how you do it:


Lighting, tabletop, music, walls & ceilings, flooring, plants & flowers, artwork, outdoor seating if available.. Customer demographics: age, gender..

How does it make you feel to be there?


Does it have both Chinese and English? Do you have many things to choose from? How about their drink menu? How's their wine list? Do they charge for napkins and water?

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Dirty or Clean? Old or Modern? How's their bathroom? Read more »

Buffet Restaurant Review
四海一家 We are the world

One day my boss said sharon found a place to have a supper with all company's staffs. some like  western-style food, some like chinese-style food. we have try to many place to eat, this time where we would go? then we found the place--四海一家 (we are the world) which is located in  YinTain Group third floor. The next door is Happy Valley and Window of the World. The restaurant is the biggest place of buffet in ShenZhen, it has all kinds of chinese foods and some kinds of western foods.  We all arrived the place at 7pm, look around,  the night sence is charming.

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Black+Blue Brings Western Favorites to Shekou
Black+Blue brings western burger, pasta, pizza and more to Shekou

Black + Blue has been open in Shekou for almost a year. One of the owners, Jet, is originally from Taiwan and came to the mainland towards the end of July last year. Shortly after his arrival, his current partner invited him to join in on a restaurant idea in Shekou. They wanted to make a vibrant combination menu including western style dishes which would include a strong push on Italian cuisines such as pizzas and pasta. From this concept came the creation of Black + Blue. Black + Blue focuses on pizzas and spaghetti but also has an assorted menu of brunch items, steaks, burgers, salads, and sandwiches.

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Great Brazilian BBQ by Alehna at the InterContinental Shenzhen
Alehna offers authentic brazilian steakhouse experience

The InterContinental Shenzhenis the first themed hotel in Shenzhen offering a Spanish-themed hotel experience fit with festivals and events featuring: live Spanish dancing, pig roasts, special chef presentations and much more. Just recently, the hotel brought in new Executive Chef Francesco from Spain to redo the dining buffet with his authentic Spanish cuisine with dishes such as Paella and roasted pig. I have loved my experience every time I’ve had their dinner buffet and was shocked to find a hidden gem offering a unique style of buffet dining stemming from Brazil. Read more »

Mon Saigon Brings a Vintage Fusion to 1979 in Futian
Mon Saigon Vietnamese Fusion with a Vintage Touch

Upcoming Hot Spots in Shenzhen

Shenzhen China has a few hot spots that I love to spend leisure time in and that locals and expats alike are very much familiar with. For instance, most who have lived in Shenzhen for some time will know that Shekou (namely Seaworld) is a great hot spot for the expat community with many international schools, restaurants and community events. Another hotspot that has recently exploded with a great diversity of dining and entertainment is Futian (namely Coco Park). I also love this area because many concept restaurants have come to this area making it a new hot spot for foodies and even expat families. Read more »


Shenzhen, China, June 2017 – Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen presents an upgraded World of Seafood at its buffet dinner at Coffee Garden.


Guest will enjoy mouth-watering seafood such as fresh lobster, the fresh flavour of which is revealed through two cooking methods - poached and grilled, steamed blue flower crab, grilled Argentina prawns, and flame shrimp at every table.  Additionally there will be broiled clams, mussels, mantis shrimp, scallops and daily opened fresh oysters from New Zealand.  The fresh Nordic salmon is not to be missed.

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Authentic and Amazing Thai Food at Terrace, Shekou
Amazing Thai cuisine by terrace

­Since living in Shenzhen, I’ve learned to appreciate a lot of hidden culinary gems around the city. Many times, we look at the popular branded hotels, restaurants, or bars for­ the “Best of the Best” – which is justifiable. But sometimes the “Best of the Best” is hidden in unfamiliar, or unexpected places - or even hidden in plain sight right in front of us. A great example is the Thai food at Terrace in Shekou’s SeaWorld Square.

Terrace opened in December 2005 and ever since has been one of the most popular places for locals and expats to party to live music. But there is a lot more to the Terrace story than just its epic live music party scene.

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Seasons Introduces Coconut Chicken Hot Pot to Shenzhen China
seasons coconut chicken, cold dishes and clay pot rice

In China, cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing have rapidly grown into modern and diverse cities. As I travel throughout China, I can see how modern food culture is developing and becoming more accepting and diverse – while traditions that have been around for over a thousand years are still strong and thriving despite the diversity and modernization of the cities. One such tradition that I’ve grown quite fond of is Hot Pot.  Hot pot originated from Mongolia over a thousand years ago with the Jin dynasty where the main ingredients were horse, mutton, or beef. As the years passed by it spread throughout southern China and began to diversify with the addition of seafood. Read more »

Les 5 Chefs Brings Quality Traditional Dining
Les 5 Chefs by Caroline offers traditional favorites

A Restaurant with a Long History

Les 5 Chefs was founded by Harry and Claudio. Harry came to Shenzhen China working in quality control and realized that the traditional European dishes that he loved back home were not available in local restaurants. After meeting his partner Claudio, they both opened the Les 5 Chefs cooking school. The school was a big success with two to three classes. Later they would be offered a location in Shekou where they would open a German Bakery later to become a full dining experience with two locations.



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Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen Elevates Their Dinner Buffet
Shangri La Hotel Diversifies Buffet

Living here in Shenzhen China, I have noticed that the city is quickly growing in its diversity and knowledge of international foods. This is evident in the amount of restaurants and concepts that are springing up around the city. In the past, it was a lot harder (even within the last few years) for expats to find food from their home countries in China or to find restaurants that catered to their culture and traditions. Read more »
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