Restaurant Review Guidelines

People dine out for something unique they cannot replicate at home, or.. they are simply too busy to cook! Either way, our job here is to help save their time and help them find out if they'd like it or not!

Okay, so.. we would want to be thorough in this! Here is how you do it:


Lighting, tabletop, music, walls & ceilings, flooring, plants & flowers, artwork, outdoor seating if available.. Customer demographics: age, gender..

How does it make you feel to be there?


Does it have both Chinese and English? Do you have many things to choose from? How about their drink menu? How's their wine list? Do they charge for napkins and water?

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Dirty or Clean? Old or Modern? How's their bathroom? Read more »

Authentic and Amazing Thai Food at Terrace, Shekou
Amazing Thai cuisine by terrace

­Since living in Shenzhen, I’ve learned to appreciate a lot of hidden culinary gems around the city. Many times, we look at the popular branded hotels, restaurants, or bars for­ the “Best of the Best” – which is justifiable. But sometimes the “Best of the Best” is hidden in unfamiliar, or unexpected places - or even hidden in plain sight right in front of us. A great example is the Thai food at Terrace in Shekou’s SeaWorld Square.


Terrace opened in December 2005 and ever since has been one of the most popular places for locals and expats to party to live music. But there is a lot more to the Terrace story than just its epic live music party scene.

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Seasons Introduces Coconut Chicken Hot Pot to Shenzhen China
seasons coconut chicken, cold dishes and clay pot rice

In China, cities like Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Beijing have rapidly grown into modern and diverse cities. As I travel throughout China, I can see how modern food culture is developing and becoming more accepting and diverse – while traditions that have been around for over a thousand years are still strong and thriving despite the diversity and modernization of the cities. One such tradition that I’ve grown quite fond of is Hot Pot.  Hot pot originated from Mongolia over a thousand years ago with the Jin dynasty where the main ingredients were horse, mutton, or beef. As the years passed by it spread throughout southern China and began to diversify with the addition of seafood. Read more »

Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen Elevates Their Dinner Buffet
Shangri La Hotel Diversifies Buffet

Living here in Shenzhen China, I have noticed that the city is quickly growing in its diversity and knowledge of international foods. This is evident in the amount of restaurants and concepts that are springing up around the city. In the past, it was a lot harder (even within the last few years) for expats to find food from their home countries in China or to find restaurants that catered to their culture and traditions. Read more »

Affordable Brunch in COCO Park by Les 5 Chefs
Caroline's a la carte brunch features breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites

The Brunch Movement

As Shenzhen begins to grow and diverse, I am seeing more and more western influences starting at the Hotels and making their way through the restaurants and local shops. Some of these trends include Afternoon Tea which was just done by a few select restaurants and hotels and has now grown to almost be part of the food culture here.

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Viva España Themed Buffet
Intercontinental Hotel Brings Spanish Chef to Elevate Their Viva Espana Theme

InterContinental Hotel Shenzhen has launched a Spain-based menu as part of their evening buffet featuring selections from Spanish Chef Francisco Javier Caro Gonzalez. He came to Shenzhen two months ago to join the InterContinental Hotel Shenzhen  and since has created an amazing Spain inspired menu.

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Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen Celebrates Mother's Day at Coffee Garden
Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen Celebrates Mother's Day at Coffee Garden

Shenzhen, China, 4 May 2017 – Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen is celebrating Mother’s Day with a special weekend brunch at Coffee Garden on 14 May 2017.

The Mother’s Day weekend brunch includes savour imported lobster with various cooking styles and taste, scallop, sashimi, a selection of creative delicacies from South East Asia and a dessert collection. With brunch, also provided and served with red wine and white wine. For child, we provide soft drinks. Each mother is entitles to enjoy a delicious stewed snow clams with papaya. Read more »

New South Indian Menu at Indian Cottage
New South Indian Dishes by Indian Cottage

Vincent came to Shenzhen working for a trading company and starting his own trade company which he did for 18 years before pursuing his passion for food. After having a restaurant in HK started the Indian Cottage with his friend Ivan. Many who have come to eat at Indian Cottage, have testified of the friendly environment and optimal service they receive as well as the delicious North Indian dishes such as their Chicken 65, Tikka Masalas.  These dishes are cooked by one of the four Indian chefs who work at Indian Cottage so you know that the dish you get is made by a native chef who understands the spices and flavors that go into each particular dish.  Read more »

Engaging and Relaxing Afternoon Tea
Engaging and Relaxing Afternoon Tea

 As Shenzhen China continues to grow and diversify, cultural fusion can be seen more and more in our restaurants, schools and hotels. Even now many hotels are offering a western style brunch now on Sundays while bars and pubs are beginning to allow the British Sunday Roast to reach the European expats in the Shenzhen area. One concept that I have found to be slowly growing in the Shenzhen area is the concept of Afternoon Tea.

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Texas Style Bull Rides, Drinks and Steaks at Rucker Bar
Rucker Bar brings a Tex-Mex Style Bar and Grill to Shenzhen China

Growing Fusion Craze Now in Shenzhen China
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