Restaurant Review Guidelines

People dine out for something unique they cannot replicate at home, or.. they are simply too busy to cook! Either way, our job here is to help save their time and help them find out if they'd like it or not!

Okay, so.. we would want to be thorough in this! Here is how you do it:


Lighting, tabletop, music, walls & ceilings, flooring, plants & flowers, artwork, outdoor seating if available.. Customer demographics: age, gender..

How does it make you feel to be there?


Does it have both Chinese and English? Do you have many things to choose from? How about their drink menu? How's their wine list? Do they charge for napkins and water?

Cleanliness & Hygiene

Dirty or Clean? Old or Modern? How's their bathroom? Read more »

Jazzy Sunday Brunch
Langham's Dukes provides a chef driven Sunday Brunch with Live Jazz

Taking Sunday Brunch to a New Level with Classic Jazz

Shenzhen is fast becoming a hub of fine dining as many expats seeking new opportunities flood in from France, Italy, Mexico and all over the world. This has sparked a rise in Shenzhen’s diversity thus, giving birth to a wide range of foreign restaurants uniquely themed to fit your preference.   Read more »

The 'Nino" Experience at BLUE, Venice Hotel
At BLUE, dining is more then just an eating experience, but a life experience

When Food Becomes an Experience

If you have been around Shenzhen China a bit, you will quickly notice that finding something to fill your stomach with is not hard. Shenzhen is overcrowded with street vendors selling everything from fried bread, pork fat and roasted potatoes to steaks, roasted chickens, and kababs. Restaurants are on every street corner competing with one another to the point where finding a place to eat becomes difficult – not due to the lack of choice – but due to too many choices to choose from.

Street Foodies Read more »



_______________  美好时光尽在一刻   ________________




  Read more »

Perch (The Langham, Shenzhen)
Shenzhen Nice place

A Glamorous and Carefree “Perch” at The Langham, Shenzhen

Trapped amidst a concrete jungle you feel desperate to escape, you catch a glimpse of the dazzling colorful lights shining mythically below you, familiar only to those in the know. Longing to discover and determined to shake off all ambivalence, a new revelation is made in this vibrant city - an intriguing new establishment with an alluring ambience where “birds of a feather" flock and chirp over spellbinding drinks. Read more »

Brunch by the Beach at Sheraton Dameisha Resort
Brunch by the Beach at Sheraton Dameisha Resort

Shenzhen China’s Beach Scene. Read more »

TASTE MOMENT Brings Authentic High-End French Dining to Shenzhen, China
Taste Moment: Modern French Restaurant with High Quality Natural Dining

The Rise of High End Dining Restaurants in Shenzhen

TAPS Brings a Gastro Pub, Brewery, Roasterie Fusion to Shenzhen China
Taps in CoCo Park Offers an in house brewery, roasterie and full kitchen

The Need for Unique Bar Experience for the Shenzhen Area

Bars and Pubs are not necessarily a new thing to Shenzhen and if you are going to start a business in the alcohol industry, you will quickly find that your competition is a vast amount of locations within 5 square miles – all competing for the same customers and trying to find their niche audience. That said, not just any bar can survive in Shenzhen without a unique niche. Luckily, TAPS has a unique culture that combines a brewery with fresh in - house roasted coffee and a chef-driven kitchen. This brings not only a location that serves home-brewed drinks but has a very diverse food menu and possibly some of the best coffee you’ll ever try in the Futian area. Read more »

This Week's Daily Cube menu at FTK


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We deliver at lunch time in Nanshan district (Shekou included), Futian, Luohu. 

/!\Futian/Luohu, please make your order before 10.45AM or contact us prior order (phone:13246754166). 



/!\ 福田/罗湖客户,请在10:45前订餐,或者电话联系:13246754166 Read more »
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