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Where To Find The Finest Moon Cake This Mid-Autumn Festival

It’s that time of year again in the Chinese calendar where families come together to celebrate the Mid Autumn festival. They share gifts including fruits and candies, but most famously they exchange moon cake. The round pastry has become synonymous with the festival and over the years more and more exciting new flavors have been added alongside the traditional cakes. We looked at where to enjoy the finest of them this Mid-Autumn festival.

Some Of The Finest Moon Cake Shenzhen Has To Offer

At The Langham Read more »

[Review] Chinese Culture Experiencing Event
Chinese Culture#Peking Opera#Making Painting#Chinese Costume#Keyword Education

There will be more events coming in Keyword Education, we very much look forward to seeing you next time.

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White Collar Fight Night Round 2! Interview with Ben Mathe
White Collar Fight Night (WCFN) Ends with 2nd Tournament with a Bang!

Project 0/1 pulled off yet another amazing fight night featuring many male and female matches. If you watched the previous fight, you will know it can get really intense, but this last match more than topped the cake with its very first match. To kick off the night, the first match ended in a TKO which is not intended for these types of fights as the gloves used are made for training purposes. Either way, by seeing this happen, you immediately feel that you’ve gotten your money’s worth and that the rest of the night is going to be a night of cheers and tears.

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“Arts · Inspiration · Fantasy” cloud feast Held at Ping An Financial Centre
“Arts · Inspiration · Fantasy” cloud feast Held at Ping An Financial Centre

On Jun. 23, 2017, "Arts · Inspiration · Fantasy, " Ping An Financial Centre's exclusive dinner party was held on the 83rd floor of the Ping An Financial Centre (PAFC). Hundreds of guests including high-level representatives from PAFC Mall F&B got together to enjoy this brilliant combination of business and art.

Top business and global high-end brands improve quality of life

The buildings themselves, despite being bricks and motor, have been designed to be full of life. The PAFC Mall is primly positioned to improve the quality of people’s lives and create a fantastic shopping experience. Read more »

Live from TechCrunch – Highlights from the first TechCrunch Shenzhen
Live from TechCrunch – Highlights from the first TechCrunch Shenzhen

Organized by TechNode and TechCrunch, TechCrunch Shenzhen marks TechCrunch’s 7th session in China. After six fantastic tech gatherings in Shanghai and Beijing, this is the first time for TechCunch Summit to make its debut in Shenzhen.

Entering a brand new city is a risky step for TechNode and TechCrunch, TechNode founder Dr. Gang Lu acknowledged in the opening remark, but the entrepreneurial and risk-taking spirit that has inspired millions of startups is driving us to move beyond our comfort zone. Read more »

SWIS Celebrates International Children's Day
SWIS Celebrates International Children's Day

This year the SWIS (Shen Wai International School) PTA has worked together with the school to celebrate Children's Day with surprise gifts for all SWIS ROCS. Gifts were not only delivered to the children, an activity was also developed to strengthen school spirit within the students, where MYP students visited PYP classrooms to deliver the toys and spend time with the kids playing together.  In turn the PYP were very happy to give the MYP students a token of their appreciation. HAPPY CHILDREN'S DAY SWIS ROCS!! Read more »

SWIS Students Attended the 5th Shenzhen International Children’s Forum
SWIS Students attended the 5th Shenzhen International Children’s Forum

SWIS (Shen Wai International School) students were invited to attend the 5th Shenzhen International Children’s Forum to celebrate Children’s Day. They attended a workshop to talk about how to build a child-friendly city, and they listened to the research reports from local school students and speeches made by officers from host units. Students have a better understanding of Shenzhen through this event. Read more »

Foodie Meetup at Les 5 Chef's - Pictures and Special Thanks
Great Times at Les 5 Chef's in Coco Park

Special thanks to all of those who came to Caroline by Les 5 Chefs on Friday. Read more »

[Review] The 4th Annual Shenzhen Bay International Schools Music Festival
[Review] The 4th Annual Shenzhen Bay International Schools Music Festival

ISNS (International School of Nanshan Shenzhen) were the proud hosts of the 4th Annual Shenzhen Bay International Schools Music Festival of 2017.  The aim of the festival was to bring students from our international schools’ communities together to celebrate our global citizenship through the medium of the arts.  Performers ranged from the age of 10-17 years old.  This year’s festival included Choir and Band performances, as well as an Art Exhibition.   Read more »
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