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logo is a website keeping the community of Shenzhen, expat and Chinese informed of events and other happenings around the city. We provide a daily newsletter, event calendar, job search, apartment search, as well as other services. was originally founded in 2001 by Pierre Bouchez, Matthieu Charlier, Yann Le Berre and Brent Deverman. Read more »

The Art Of Making A Suit By Tailor Tom Bespoke

When we picture a man in a suit, we see James Bond in his black tuxedo in Goldfinger or Don Draper sporting a grey suit during a sales pitch in Mad Men. You can be quite sure that neither man bought their suits off the rack or some tailor who gave them a business card on the street.


They wear the kind of suits that are made by Tailor Tom Bespoke. Having learned his craft over six years working as a pattern maker for prestigious New York custom tailors, Michael Andrews Bespoke, Tom started his own tailors a little over two years ago.


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The Pros and Cons of Setting Up in China

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Welcome to Shenzhen, as you’re reading this you must have interest and intrigue to setup a company in China! There are massive opportunities in this magical market. Today I’ll go through some of the mindset and processes you should consider when considering doing it. And yes not just hype, I’ll cover some of the drawbacks as well. Read more »

Choosing Right Address for HK Company

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Ready to get a Hong Kong company address?

Wondering what the best option is for your business? Does it even matter? How will it affect your bank account applications and customer acquisition positioning?

Today, we are going to dig in a bit and see what considering

Getting a Hong Kong address Read more »

If I Were To Move to Shenzhen Today

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I had a recent post about What I would do if I moved to Hong Kong today that people enjoyed.

Thus, I thought it would be a good followup to share the same if I were to move to Shenzhen, China today in the year 2015 [Note, originally written in 2015, we try to update regularly].

This could be also applied to most other cities in China. But Shenzhen was in mind when writing this guide. I’m always open to receiving feedback. Read more »

If I Were To Move to Hong Kong Today (Plus Cost of Living)

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Thinking to move to Hong Kong?

Wondering what the prices are and how much you would need to live here – then today’s guide is perfect for you.

Let’s discuss what action steps and budget we would need to move to Hong Kong today.

Update April 2017: Prices have changed since writing this piece, there isa great comment in the bottom about recent prices. Please add your feedback to help others too. Read more »

3 Ways To Import Into China (From Smuggling to Importing Legally)

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You are dreaming to crack into the Chinese market.

You have the next big hit product for China.

You’re back in America right now wondering how to get your products onto Chinese soil. This product or service needs to get into people’s hands here in China.

I know that feeling, and I know how frustrating it is to feel on the “outside looking in” to China business.

Today is your lucky day. Read more »

How To Get Your APEC Business Travel Card (i.e. Asia VIP Card!)

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Tired of waiting in the long customs lines with all the other suckers?

Ya, thought so!

If you’re a regular business person in Asia, this article will take a bit to read through but will save you hours and hours of time in border lines all across Asia – so pay attention!

For frequent travelers in Asia, we are now from the gods with a new card for VIP treatment at customs security. I thought it was APAC card (my logic was it is Asia Pacific – APAC) – but it is an APEC card which stands for Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation. Read more »

租场地.享生活Venue Space for Rent



My space, you call the shots.  R U ready?

——You will be the next host.




Hold住,各种高逼格场地上线了,准备好接招啦!!! Read more »

Going Offshore? Should You Do BVI or Seychelles?

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Looking to establish an offshore company? What is the first place you think of? Most likely BVI (British Virgin Islands), right. That is the classic used for many years. Today we discuss one a suggestion by Bridges Executive Centre here in Hong Kong called a Seychelles company. This another viable option that may even more more advisable to use if you are looking to go offshore. Read more »