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Terrace Brings An Epic Western Menu to Seaworld
Terrace offers an amazing western menu and Thai menu

In the last write up, we dug deep into a well-kept secret about Terrace in Shekou’s SeaWorld. Terrace is more than just an entertainment hub with great live music and drinks but has quite a few hidden secrets in their kitchen. If you missed the last write up, be sure to check out “Authentic and Amazing Thai Food at Terrace.” to get up to speed on what’s happening in their kitchen.

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E.T.Brewery Offers Western Ale with a Chinese Twist
E.T Brewery Offers European Ale with a Chinese Flare

Fusion Brewery Combines Asian Influence with Western Ale

In Shenzhen China, there is a sudden rise of educated drinkers sparked by the culture of breweries such as Taps and Fubar who have brought into China many western style beers and unique flavors. Usually if your thinking of going out and trying a new fresh brewed Irish Ale, you would look towards a Pub or Western Brewery typically owned by an expat who has decided to bring the tastes they enjoy the Shenzhen area. This helps to build up the diverse range of international flavors allowing expats to have access to flavors they love as well as  introducing new flavors to local Chinese who may want to expand their palate Read more »

TAPS Brings a Gastro Pub, Brewery, Roasterie Fusion to Shenzhen China
Taps in CoCo Park Offers an in house brewery, roasterie and full kitchen

The Need for Unique Bar Experience for the Shenzhen Area

Bars and Pubs are not necessarily a new thing to Shenzhen and if you are going to start a business in the alcohol industry, you will quickly find that your competition is a vast amount of locations within 5 square miles – all competing for the same customers and trying to find their niche audience. That said, not just any bar can survive in Shenzhen without a unique niche. Luckily, TAPS has a unique culture that combines a brewery with fresh in - house roasted coffee and a chef-driven kitchen. This brings not only a location that serves home-brewed drinks but has a very diverse food menu and possibly some of the best coffee you’ll ever try in the Futian area. Read more »

A Must Try Pig Roast at George & Dragon British Pub
George and Dragon British Pub in Shekou Shenzhen China

Bringing British Love to Shenzhen China

Lets face it, if your new to China, you probably have had the “meltdown” that many foreigners experience when they realize many of the home style staple foods are no where to be found and the restaurants who try to offer it will introduce what would appear to be a bad copy or desperate attempt. Almost like the copy eggs you can find in China (yes they exist) that may have the outside look but you’ll quickly there’s nothing “egg” about it upon first bite (speaking of personal experience here). Read more »

Blu Bamboo - Sports Bar with a twist
Blu Bamboo Sports Bar, Shekou

Put all your preconceptions about sports bars out of your mind. Blu Bamboo Sports Bar is anything but an ordinary bar.


At first glance Blu Bamboo has everything you would expect. Large projector screens and several flat-screen televisions are in various prime locations around the walls showing a variety of different sports, ranging from football to basketball to sailing and everything in between. A well-stocked bar sits pride of place in the centre of the room surrounded by welcoming bar stools, with expertly trained staff waiting to serve you beer, wine, spirits, cocktails or mocktails from the substantial drinks menu. Read more »

Duke's Stunning New Singer
Persona Bell in Duke's

The Langham, Shenzhen, is well known for being one of the most prestigious hotels in Shenzhen.  It has outstanding dining areas and legendary hospitality, as well as high class facilities throughout. The new jazz singer at Duke’s is nothing less than exceptional herself, and she adds something to the atmosphere that you can’t quite put your finger on. Persona Bell is a multi-talented musician, and she will thrill you with her melodic voice and piano playing whether you are dining or savouring the extensive wine cellar.

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Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai Eden Garden Has Been Re-launched
Eden Garden

Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai held the re-launch party for Eden Garden, the rooftop bar on 16F of the hotel on October 28, 2016 in the presence of hotel and corporate VIP guests, as well as people from owning company and local media who gathered for the special moment which has been expected for a long time. Read more »

Happy Hour @ Eden Garden Roof Top Bar
Eden Garden


Think about some cozy details that could help you relaxed and chilled… cool breeze? A glass of wine? Friends and lovers? Music? Spacious sea and sky? How about combining all these things together? 


Eden Garden Rooftop Bar, presented by Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai, facing the Sea World and locating by the sea, it makes everything possible no matter what atmosphere you want. In order to provide an optimum for individuals from different industry and background, we meticulously design different themes on different day, as well as a regular Happy Hour session. Read more »