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All-Star Concert of ChinaAsia Electronics Trading Center

On Dec. 12th, 2012, grand All-Star Concert of ChinaAsia Electronics Trading Center wad held at Flag Square in an atmosphere of excitement and festivity.

The chairman of ChinaAsia Electronics Trading Group and secretary of Party branch of Bogang community, Chen Guihong, the chairman of ChinaAsia Group and president of ChinaAsia Electronics Trading Group, Huang Binghuang, and supervisor of Bogang community, Chen Chengjiu, as well as executive vice president, Huang Binghua, vice president Chen Junping, Wu Yiliang, leaders of Xiqing district , Tianjin, and leaders of Quanzhou, Fujian, etc. all watched the brilliant performance.At the time, there was a sea of jubilant people, such as businessmen, consumers and visitors from the near community.

At 7:30 PM, the magnificent ceremony began with splendid drum playing, which means ChinaAsia Silicon Valley Coast opened up for the world. 60 employees in golden and silver played the drum with passion on stage full of colorful lights and large LED screens on both sides.

President of ChinaAsia Group, Huang Binghuang, expressed his deep gratitude to those who care about and strongly support ChinaAsia Electronics Trading Center. “It’s a war lasting three years. We’ve experienced failure, learned lessons, and harvested victory. From ups and downs we’ve cultivated friendship with you. Tonight’s ceremony is for all of you”

Chairman Chen Guihong, President Huang Binghuang, Supervisor Chen Chengjiu and secretary general Yao Rongcheng and other six leaders launched the opening ceremony together. And then the famous singer Wu Chengxiang sang the famous song--Story of Spring, which is a perfect match with the scenery. Shajing is composing another Story of Spring.

Pleasing performances like singing, dancing, fashion show and magic show, etc gave audiences a magnificent visual feast.

In the end, employees of ChinaAsia Electronics Trading Center sang the enterprise song--Composing a New Legend of ChinaAsia.

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