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2012 Shenzhen Fringe Festival Comes!!!

Fringe Festival

FRINGE, emphasizing creativity, surprises from city, and no boundary in art, has now extended to more than 300 cities with its independent attitude, and become a city cultural festival brand. Fringe swept Shenzhen in 2010 for the first time, and invited the world to feel the glamour of creativity in this city.

In November of 2012, it’s the third time of Shenzhen Fringe Festival, we’ll continue to spread the sprit of “arts everyone”, inspire and encourage all the citizens to join our free art activities at anytime in anywhere, and achieve more possibility of Public Art in this city.

Shenzhen Fringe Festival as absorbed the spirit of diversity, modernity and freedom from Fringes around the world and it has also covered the features of Shenzhen like tolerance, energy and enthusiasm. During the days of Fringe, the artists around the world come together, communicate together and create art works together. The art activities are coming to public area from close space while more and more people are focusing on this. The stage, which opens for not only professional performances, can present many excellent ideas, and make newborn creation strength get supported and released, make you feel free, happy and surprised.

2012 Shenzhen International Fringe Festival will build a bigger stage beyond your imagination. Let the power of arts blow the tradition, let the surprise of creativity shock the city, and let the heat of Shenzhen keep influencing the world!


What do we have in 2012 Shenzhen Fringe Festival


More than 60 performances, hundreds of artists, thousands of audiences here with you in 2012 Shenzhen Fringe Festival! And the following contents you can never miss:

Two Cores

parade + Street Broadway



It’s the most popular and welcomed program in Fringe festival, which is made of different organization including the committees, social groups, colleges, and art studios etc. it’s an unlimited stage inviting everybody joining, it is team cooperation, a PARTY for YOU!

(Want to know how to join the Parade? More info will come soon!)


Street Broadway

The Holy Land in Fringe for street performers, a new street feast! The vaudeville, circus, clown, twist balloons, street magic, street comedy come from all around the world and some more street performers out of your image will be there, in the range of one kilometer, in the very one day! This will be the most fun and happy day during the Fringe!


FIVE Genres

Music, Drama, Film, Dance, Physical Theater,  Visual Arts.


SIX Projects


Provide more possibilities for local art development.

Youth Creation: The creation of a unique communication platform of artistic creation for youth.

Commonweal Support

Dissemination of public welfare, the practice of charity is the best means of establishing a sustainability Fringe.

HK-Macau-SZ Cooperation

The deep cooperation for HK-Macau-SZ in art resources, he mechanism linkage for multi-directional.


Multi-party communication and establish a win-win mechanism, a proof of Everywhere Is A Stage.

Arts Criticism

Inviting artists to the performances in Fringe, while feedback by their experience and the workshops for sharing.


This is an unconventional arts festival and this is the Fringe that everyone can enjoy, COME ON!


Time: 11.24 ~ 12.02

Location: Nanshan Central District, Shenzhen, China

More information




Twitter: http://twitter/#!/shenzhenfringe


For any inquiry, please contact:

[email protected]




The map for the main location for the performances 

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