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Shenzhen Metro / Subway

The Shenzhen Metro Opened December 28th 2004. There are two lines. Shenzhen Metro Line 1 starts at the Lohu customs checkpoint and goes to Windows of the World (Shijiezhichuang). The second line goes from The Huangguang check point to Shaoniangong. Hours of operation are from 6:30am to 11pm and trains run every 5 minutes. Website: Shenzhen Metro Subway Website (Chinese)
Urban Rail: Unofficial page (better information)

Pricing : Fares start at 2 rmb and go up to 5rmb
Operating hours :
1st Train to leave Window of the world: 0630
Last Train to leave window of the world: 2300
1st Train to leave Louhu: 0630
Last Train to leave Louhu: 2300
Trains on Line 1 Leave approx every 2 minutes in Peak hour and every 5 minutes in Off Peak Hour


Shenzhen Metro Line 1 Station List


Shenzhen Metro Line 2 Station List

  • Shekou West
  • Shekou Passenger Terminal
  • The Sea World (Hai Shang Shi Jie)
  • Nanshui Road
  • Zhaosheng East Road
  • Gongye 8 Road
  • Dengliang Road
  • Nanshan Commercial Center
  • Science Park (Ke Ji Yuan)
  • Shahe East Road
  • ShiJie ZhiChuang (Windows of the World) Station Intersection of Line 1 & 2


Shenzhen Metro Line 3 Station List

    • Hongling Road Central
    • LaoJie Station Intersection of Line 1 & 3
    • Dongmen Road Central
    • Renmin Hospital
    • Tianbei Road
    • Buxin
    • Buji Inspection Station
    • Buji Bus Station
    • Buji Town Government
    • Wuifu Garden
    • Danzhutou
    • Yu'machang
    • Tongkeng
    • New World Plaza
    • Hekeng Road
    • Yinhai Market
    • Ailian School
    • Jixiang Road
    • Longcheng Plaza
    • Longxin Street


Shenzhen Metro Line 4 Station List

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