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Mr. Michel Molliet:Sofitel Hotels & PRD Urban Development

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Maike Mo Li (Michel Molliet) was appointed as vice-president of Greater China, for Sofitel. At that time, Michel and his team were working in Shanghai. He was responsible for brand development, business management, and relations with investors.

To accelerate development, Michel decided to move to the Sofitel Macau, while continuing to manage 23 hotels throughout China. At the 4th DICE event June 17, 2011 held in Sofitel Macau Ponte 16, entitled “Urban Planning in Pearl River Regional Development”, Michel expressed his views in an interview. (see below)

It’s the Economy and More

The booming economy has cranked up the heat on hotel development, but keep in mind that urban planning is a marriage between art and business, so there are many things to consider.

According to Michel, “The first step was to get the best ideas from the city development, to cast a wide net and try to work with investors and developers closely, and fit well with the vision in the area. Take Sofitel Macau as a good example. Sofitel Macau opened in 2008, as a new hotel in the city, in a way that really maximizes the investment that we already have there and even move it forward. The hotel fits well with the environment there while having our own style and it was done in an expeditious manner.”


Nowadays, the hotel industry is also booming in the PRD.  Continuously more five star hotels are opening. What advantages do Sofitel hotels have?

    -    Experience the Difference

“Difference is a source of wealth. Sofitel offers contemporary hotels and resorts adapted to today’s more demanding and versatile consumers who expect and appreciate beauty, quality and excellence. Elegant French art and a wealth of hospitality experience throughout the world. Each hotel captures the unique charm of the place where our luxury hotels are built and incorporates authentic French style with excellent local cultural integration.

You can experience the stories in art and culture, which are contributed by both French and local designers. Art, music and literature will bring you a different experience in Sofitel hotels. Our well-respected French hospitality group has solidified its worldwide reputation as masters of the luxury hotel experience.”

    -    Feeling at Home yet Being Far Away

Long recognized for delivering the utmost in elegant French hospitality and artistry, Sofitel has re-aligned its vision to focus on guiding guests according to their needs and desires, as opposed to only providing a material based total environment. The goal is to provide unique sensations and luxurious pleasures that will forever leave an impression on those who stay in the hotels.

By blending their unique French flair with the best of local culture,  Sofitel offers a  unique experience for its guests. This is how they differentiate themselves from other hotel brands.

    -    Asia's First Michael Jackson Gallery
The “Holy Grail” of Michael Jackson Memorabilia Displayed at the Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16.
Sofitel Macau At Ponte 16’s Baccara function room was transformed into a mini-Michael Jackson gallery on December 13, 2009 with 10 different collectors items purchased by Ponte 16 – including MJ’s famous rhinestone glove - on display for the media at an intimate press conference.
Michel expressed that this has been an exhilarating campaign and he is confident that they will see increased upmarket business for both Ponte 16 and Sofitel Macau in the long run.

The Similarity

More Sofitel hotels are opened nowadays, what’s the similarity between them?

“We are delighted with the grand opening of Sofitel Guangzhou on June 30, 2011. Combined with the renowned hospitality traditions of Sofitel Hotels, each hotel strives to be a hallmark Sofitel property. The similarity to each of them will ensure not only a wonderful experience for guests, but also will enhance the appeal of the entire region for tourists. Sofitel Macau highlights entertainment while Sofitel Guangzhou caters predominantly to business, reflecting their respective cities.
Urban planning and development is essential for proper hotel development, and it is still a long way to the top spot for hotels in Macau, but Mr. Michel Molliet confidently sees a bright future for Sofitel Macau at Ponte 16 and the Sofitel hotels worldwide.

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