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Shenzhen Midi Festival 2013 Lineup Announced

Midi Festival 2013


Midi Festival is the first and the biggest outdoors music festival in China and it is also called  Chinese Woodstock Music Festival. Found in 2000 by Beijing Midi School of Music, Midi Festival has been sucessfully held 13 years in Beijing and Shanghai and established its own brand. The spirit of Midi Festival is to inspire the thoughts and actions of the youth in China through music. The music styles focus on modern musics like rock, heavy metal, punk, fusion, eletronic, jazz, hard core... Every year, famous bands or musicans from home and abroad are invited to attend the gala festa.

In 2013, from May 17 to May 19, Midi Festival first comes to south of China and choosees Longgang Universiade Center, Shenzhen as its site. A total of four stages are going to be used and they are Tang Stage, Ming Stage, Yuan Electronic Stage and Kids Midi Stage. Besides these four stages, on site, there are other zones, like camping zone, tiger beer zone, food zone and Creative Market Zone etc. to make sure everyone wont feel bored. 

Line Up

In Shenzhen Midi Festival 2013, we have to mention the following bands and musicans. From home, we have Cuijian, Miserable Faith, Xie Tianxiao, Hao Yun, Muma& Third Party, etc; from Hongkong and Macau areas, we have King Ly Chee, Turtle Giant, Deep Inside, Killer Soap etc; from abroad, we have Caliban (Germany), Cold Cave (USA), Sonar Lights (USA), Gran Kino (France), Frida Andersson (Finland), Teddy Boys (Korea) and Fluorescent Hearts (Scotland)...

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Ticket Info

RMB 100 (Single Day)

RMB240 (Three Days/3,000 set limited)

1) Midi

2) Ticket Booking Phone: 400-610-3721

3) Douban

4) Mosh


More info about Midi Festival:

a) Midi Official Webiste

b) Douban


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