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Kingkey Banner is located in Mangrove Bay, the “rich people’s region” in Shenzhen. For three kilometers around the region there are more than ten residential quarters that are newly built or under construction. The high-end matching facilities are more and more complete, and the image of high quality in this region is becoming more and more mature.

Kingkey Banner leads the new-life-experience style consumption with forward looking commercial ideas, deeply detects the international level fashionable desire for life and consumption in the Overseas Chinese City and the rich people in Mangrove Bay, and attracts customers with a graceful, comfortable and innovatively noble shopping environment and fashionable commodities. It also shares and harvests boundless surprises from the new life, has become famous in the city with its brand new commercial concepts, applies the concept of the new life into details of daily life, and provides characteristic groups with professional, multiple, and individualistic new life services.

Kingkey Banner New Lifestyle Center, the first bay area new life Center in Shenzhen, means more than a community shopping center. It boundlessly extends the service functions of the traditional community shopping center, systematically outlines business combination, brand orientation, and function matching, and so on, which makes the center a competitive integrity with disparities, and the center puts more emphasis on the quality of life and the amenities of life, thus improving the style and class of life. It is for people who have an eye for enjoying life, and people pursuing lives of high quality to find commodities that they like or learn a better living style, and constructs a boundlessly extensive modern life.

Kingkey Banner New Lifestyle Center, aiming at a graceful and comfortable living style, gathers colorful business modalities, combines shopping, catering, education, culture, leisure, recreation, and so on, puts efforts in creating and advocating a family-style consumption new style, brings all people emphasizing appreciation and tastes together in a completely new comfortable space, as a shelter for leisure and recreation, and creates new ground for healthy and harmonious family life.

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Kingkey Banner Centre, intersection of Bai Shi Rd & Sha He Road East, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
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+86 (755) 0755-86108799

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