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Company Name & Description: 
An Introduction of PELCC EDUCATION & LEGAL CONSULTING CO. HK: Recruitment, TESOL Training, Logistics and Legal Consulting I would first like to thank you for showing interest in our company. PELCC is highly trained in providing recruitment, TESOL training, legal and logistics consulting services throughout North America and Asia. PELCC was first established in Memphis, Tennessee in 2003. The current location of PELCC which is now situated in HK, China was established a year later in 2004. Since its conception, PELCC has extended its services to more than 300 institutions throughout Hong Kong and Taiwan; we attribute a large portion of our success to the hard working individuals at PELCC. In regards to the services of PELCC, PELCC mainly deals with recruitment in the field of education. However, additional services oftentimes include education, legal and logistics services. Both our logistics and legal sevices are outsourced to third parties. Legal issues are handled by Chinese experts who have experience with the Chinese legal system. The logistics element of our business entails multilateral joint cooperation projects with a number of packing and logistics companies within the U.S., which primarily deals with the shipment of goods to and from North America and Asia. Our cooperative partners will work hard to offer the most competitive rates on the logistics market. Most of our cooperative logistics companies have over more than thirty years of experience. Some of their most recent clients have included Reebok and William Sonoma. In conclusion, we hope that you will strongly consider utilizing the services of PELCC in the near future.If you have any questions whatsoever regarding our services, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

Job 2048: Shenzhen International School, LongHua (YF)
Max 380,000/year.
5000 housing allowance/month.
Max 20000 airfare/year.
Medical Insurance.
Children free tution after working for 1 year.
Prefer < 50.
Must be native, South African.
Must have work visa or authenticated degree+background check.
Teaching license preferred. Max 21k for kindergarten.
Position: Primary school Arts, Science, ESL.
Start asap.
{please use link below}
Cell/Wechat: {phone number hidden}

Education Level Required: 
Years work experience: 
2 years
Available For: 
Salary Range: 
20001 - 30000
Position filled: 

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